Certified Classics

BIGG K VS BIG KANNON | Bigg K Top 5? |

Each time I see Bigg K battle I become more convinced that he is one of the hardiest battle rappers and arguably one of the most difficult to defeat. He’s definitely in my top ten of best battle rappers and perhaps he’s in my top 5.

GRAMS VS SCOTTY | Peep The Word Play |

It’s difficult to create a classic from a one-off, but I must admit that Miltown Bloe has a knack for doing just that.  This is a midwest match up at it’s best with Indiana facing off against Texas in a battle that took place in Atlanta, Georgia.


This is a very hard battle to call.  I’ve watched it three times and I’m still on the fence, but at BattleScene we don’t make excuses.  Let’s that get the obvious out of the way… This is a classic.

MS HUSTLE VS GATTAS | Venus & Serena |

There is no doubt that this is a classic battle that will be remembered throughout the culture for a while to come.  Both of these ladies brought their “A” game to the table and produced arguably one of the best battles of NOME 4.

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S Kapone vs OT 7 | Candy Barz! |

OT 7 has been on our radar since the summer.  His ability to contend with one of battle rap’s hardest punchers, Gjonaj, spoke for itself.  However, though Gjonaj is seasoned, he lacks the experience S Kapone has.  OT 7 is bar heavy but so is S Kapone.

Sonic SoundWaveus Vs. Diesel | No Drunken Monks In Battle Rap |

This is a one-off that clearly goes to Diesel.  This is one of those battles that I post because I want to bring light to things I don’t like in battle rap.  Drunken battle rappers may very well be the most detrimental entities to the culture.


I think it’s hilarious when an emcee proclaims that his opponent didn’t have enough to defeat him, especially when it’s clear he did.  Dre Dennis has been on a rampage of sorts and Cash Capone is certainly no exception.

Stupid King vs. Prom Luther | To Reach Or Not To Reach |

I noticed this battle on FB and the question was, is Prom Luther reaching?  If you watch this battle, I think you would agree that Luther, like Stretch Armstrong, does reach in this bout.  However, what I can say is he sells it like one of the top car salesman in the country.

DoubleM Vs. Slick G | Get With The Program |

I knew as I was watching this battle that we were seeing a different Double M.  I think his pen-game has become much more focused and deliberate.  We’ve always seen a punch heavy “M” but this battle is like watching him on steroids.

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