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VICKY MYERS vs S.O. FINESSE | Up Close & Personal |

This was a closer battle than people would like to admit and that is a good thing.  Though it’s fun to see people lose by a landslide sometimes, the most fulfilling battles are those that keep you on the edge of your seat awaiting the next round.

Yate vs blaze | The ‘Ole Chilla Effect |

Here’s another one rounder from SDH’s new up and coming talent . For a second time, we see Yate, who in his last battle vs Casuan lacked emergency to take the win. This time we see a more polished yate with punches that hit faster and harder.

King Diesel vs Danny Myers | KING DIESEL, KILL YA SELF |

Danny does it again.  It’s obvious that it doesn’t matter who his opponent is, he will bring high quality bars every round.  I think it’s obvious that the first two rounds of this battle were the best for both emcees.

Chilla Jones vs Dialect | Michael Phelps |

First off, I want anyone reading this to know that I’m not posting this battle for a review.  I don’t really think it’s site worthy but some things need to be said.  THIS WAS A WASTE OF TIME FOR CHILLA JONES.

The Jones vs. S.O. Finesse: S.O. Got the Jones?

AHAT is making their presence known in the culture with this battle, in fact, their intergender battles to date have been quite entertaining. S.O. Finesse was definitely on point in this bout but her performance clearly trumped her bars.

Certified Classics

CT vs Stebo | UNDERSTOOD |

CT and Stebo give any newcomers to battle rap a grand welcome to the south.  Spitdatheat is the one-off king and I say that because they are able to produce more classics out of one-offs than any other league that I know of.

Chef Trez vs Craig Lamar | PAUSE |

If you’re looking for the future of battle rap then you have to look no further.  Craig Lamar and Chef Trez are both in this category and I’m sure we’ll see more of them in the upcoming 2015 season.

TGO vs Dre Dennis | Barbaric !!! |

Many may not like my choice on this battle, but so what.  Let’s take a look at the first two rounds from a macro level.  TGO was virtually flawless in those rounds and after many watches I still have him squeaking out the first.

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