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Danny Myers vs. Dre Vishiss: Bar God on Steroids

Let’s clear the record- I didn’t think this would be a good matchup. In previous battles, I wasn’t impressed with Vishiss and thought this bout would be a definite body bag.  Fortunately for the fans, I was incorrect.

Arsonal vs. QP: Angles, Performance & Barz

I really don’t have much to say on this one because it speaks for itself.  Black Ice Cartel chimes in on the culture and easily drops a classic with this bout.  This battle shows fans and battle rappers alike that barz, when in doubt, can outshine angles and performance.

Gjonaj vs. OT7 | The Evolution of Rap |

Here’s the second battle to drop from Alpha League’s War Games and needless to say, we have another quality battle for the culture.  Gjonaj, according to Danny Myers, is the “best unknown” battle rapper in the game.

Young B the Future vs. Billy Boondocks: Can’t Beat the Future

We’ve been screaming to fans worldwide about the dominance of Young B and this battle solidifies that he is one of the best battle emceez that many fans probably are not aware of.  In this battle, Boondocks definitely was a worthy competitor.

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K PROPHET vs DEISEL | No Competition |

Some battles are easier to call than others.  This one resides on the easier side of the spectrum with the general consensus being the same.  K Prophet has a very dominated this battle incorporating top notch penmanship with exquisite delivery.


A-Kaza vs. Bad Newz: Homo Gang & Raccoon Sex?

The truth is, I’ve seen better performances from Bad Newz but it doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s yet to take a lost in his last three bouts with SpitDatHeat.  Is he on our radar: yes.


Mark Watts vs. DMAC: Body Casted, Body Bagged- Closed Casket

This has got to be one of the worst body bags of the year.  I talked to D-Mac before the battle.  He clearly stated he would spaz in the 1st and kill Watts in the third with an all freestyle round.  And of course, I was a little suspicious but in the end, he was right on point.

JAZ THE RAPPER vs 40 B.A.R.R.S. | Roasting Session |

We are gathered here today to brandish a new category of victory for the battle rap culture. Thanks to Jaz The Rapper we have been inspired to unveil what may end up being the best type of victory and the worst type of defeat. Welcome to the Roasting Session.


Emerson Kennedy vs B Side | Brief Intermission |

AHAT Utah is back on the map. Apparently this is one of the biggest battles in Utah history. It’s good to see EK battling again as he is no stranger to the BattleScene. B-Side has been under our radar and is definitely receiving his due after such a good battle.

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