Tone Montana Vs. Mikey D

Cage Rap Battles: Mikey D vs Tone Montana | You Know The Protocol |

Yes, I know we’re very late on this battle, but it is a must see for any true battle-head.  It

Y- Not vs. Chi Dog: Chi Dog Battered and Bruised

Stro and I talked about this battle on our podcast last week. More specifically, we saw a slew of battles in the

Certified Classics

Danny Myers vs. West Coast Dread: Danny Escape’s from LA

Battlescene knew that this would be one of the...
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SpitDatHeat: Riggz vs TGO | Back To The Greeks

This battle may contain the most intense first round...
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SpitDatHeat: K Prophet Vs. Springs | Sheeeeesh!!!

This is just an amazing battle and the epitome...
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SpitDatHeat: Brizz Rawsteen vs Lottazay | Just Rap

Even though Brizz was more "entertaining" throughout all three...
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