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Klax vs. Tez: Move Over By Pressing T.A.B

This is a really good battle that a lot of fans are sleeping on. But it’s no secret that Michigan Battle Rap harnesses some of the best talent in the game. Tez and Klax have been on our radar, and quite frankly Tez has gotten the most feedback from Battlescene.


Jay Rell vs ILL WiLL: The Wills Not Strong Enough

First off, this battle encompasses what every battle rap connoisseur looks for: Barz, performance, angles, freestyle rebuttals- all the elements of battle rap are within these three rounds and it’s quite unfortunate that Ill Will (according to him) only used three days to p

Dre Dennis vs. Chef Trez: Dre Cooking the Chef

It’s been a minute since I’ve picked the pen up to talk about a battle. But yes, battle rap’s most edgy and underrated blogger never left and I want to start off by objectively talking about this battle.

LOTTA ZAY VS SIN SITY | Clear Win For The Zay |

This is exactly what Lotta Zay needed.  After a dismal display against Danja Zone it was imperative that he have a strong showing on his next release and that’s exactly what we got.


BAR WARS – Gjonaj vs Born | Battle Rap Is Not Dead |

Sometimes battle rap can become repetitive with different emcees doing the same thing and it can become mundane at that point.  This is the type of battle that can save battle rap.  You get three solid rounds of unique and high quality material in front of a decent crowd.

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