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Danny Myers VS Cali Smoov | West Coast Connection |

I just saw a response to a YouTube post that claimed, Danny Myers is trash.  This is a testament to the battle rap culture.  It really is proof to the finicky biased nature of the battle rap community.


Charlie Clips vs. Pass: Pass the Clipz

The first thing I want to express, and I want it to be clear, is that Clips definitely lost round one. I try to judge these bouts objectively and with Clips clearly loosing to Hollow, it was easy to do so.

Danny Myers Presents Unsung: Young Kannon

The city of Chicago, or “Chi-Raq”, as it’s called by its natives, has given numerous reputable contributions to the Hip Hop culture. With rap legends like Common, Da Brat, Twista, producer No I.D.


Pat Stay vs. Calicoe: Welcome to the D

It’s just something about this battle that deserves our attention and honestly, this bout had the potential to land in our epic category. First off, I’ve met Calicoe and it’s no question if he’s about that life in my mind.

DOT vs. Traffic: Hardest Working Performer in the Game?

I know many admire DOT, in fact, some believe he is the GOAT. That’s fine and dandy as  every sport needs fanatics that are out of touch with reality. When I lived in Florida, many fans of the Miami Dolphins swore they going to the superbowl every season- it never happened.

Danny Myers Presents Unsung: M. Ciddy

The history of Michigan Hip Hop and battle rap is just as storied as New York’s, California’s and Philadelphia’s. Detroit and it’s surrounding cities have bred some of the best rhyme spitters the culture has ever seen.

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