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ShowOff Vs. Jai Presented by R.B.E. | The Verdict |

This is another great battle presented by RBE.  The event that this battle was hosted in is most likely going to be a classic event.  The main point of this blog is that one tactic utilized for the entirety of a battle is a weakness.


Charlie Clips Vs. Shotgun Suge – Rap Battle – The Verdict

This battle has already been controversial, but only because of the first round.  It appears that Charlie Clips choked or gave up the third as some sort of rope-a-dope.  We’re not going for that at battlescene.  Check out the verdict and who took the win this battle.

So Finesse Vs Dre Vishiss.fw 8.0

Dre Vishiss vs S.O. Finesse: Domestic Violence

It’s hard to write this one up because Finesse is a talented artist. However, I’m not sure what she thought this bout was about. Essentially, Finesse barely gives us battle rap and I struggled to watch her performance.

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The BattleScene AHAT Wrap Up

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