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If you’re looking for anything other than a cliffhanger in regards to a one-off of this magnitude, then you might be in for some serious disappointment.  I took the time to watch this battle multiple times.

HA DOUBLE VS BC | Back To The Streets |

Everyone doesn’t understand Southern battle rap, moreover they can’t truly grasp guttural gritty essence that is created when two emcees from Louisiana meet up.

Throwback Thursdays: DNA vs. T-Rex

This is somewhat of a monumental battle dating back to 2011. Why? Because this battle spawned the long slew of barz we’ve heard about DNA’s mom being retarded and him sleeping on Charlie Clip’s couch.

CT vs Stebo | UNDERSTOOD |

CT and Stebo give any newcomers to battle rap a grand welcome to the south.  Spitdatheat is the one-off king and I say that because they are able to produce more classics out of one-offs than any other league that I know of.

Chef Trez vs Craig Lamar | PAUSE |

If you’re looking for the future of battle rap then you have to look no further.  Craig Lamar and Chef Trez are both in this category and I’m sure we’ll see more of them in the upcoming 2015 season.

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