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John John Da Don Vs. Charlie Clips | When Does The Hate Stop |

Arguably John John Da Don is the most hated emcee in battle rap.  I really don’t understand this phenomenon in the least bit.  John John has been consistent throughout his entire battle rap career and has always had stellar performances.


B Dot vs. Daylyt: The Lyt Didn’t Shine

This battle deserves a little more recognition, and I’m not satisfied per the number of views I’m looking at on Youtube. Fans are reluctant to speak the truth: Daylyt got bodied.


AVE VS NUNN NUNN | Real Recognize Real |

This is battle rap at its best and there is a reason why battles like this are few and far between.  With the ever growing over saturation of the culture it’s becoming ever more difficult to find quality material.


Brixx Belvedere vs. Tez: Performance is the Powerpoint

At first glance, the average battlerap fan might wonder why Brixx battled Tez in Indiana. Yup, Ball Hog, the league owner was up to his usual tricks: Putting good matchups together. I think Ball Hog wanted more out this battle.

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