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Charlie Clips vs. Loaded Lux” The Bar God’s Breakdown V.1

Danny Myers gives the culture a 20/20 vision of how deadly Lux’s Pen is.   Lux Vs Clips…it seems there are many different opinions as to who actually won…but who really won??? Battle rap is so subjective, there may NEVER BE A CLEAR WINNER.


Lottazay vs. Grams | The One Shot Loop |

This is really a testimony to Ball Hog’s ability to be picky and choosy on assessing his Gladiators in order to create a dogfight. Indiana has a handful of Gladiators that are bar heavy but Ball Hog hit the jackpot with this matchup.


Xcel vs. A-Class: Fight in the Class Room

A Class is a problem. It’s how he constructs his material that makes him a threat. For sure, he’s far from the level of The Bar God, Danny Myers, but they share something in common: Three bar setups and the punch landing at the fourth.


Brizz Rawsteen vs. Tay Roc: Brizz Has Proved His Ground

Sometimes in a bout, a lost isn’t necessarily a bad thing and I think this is evident when you observe this URL battle. Brizz Rawsteen is arguably the best PG emcee of his class, at least as it relates to his two main stage bouts.


KOTD GZ: GG vs. Crome- Motown Showdown

It’s interesting to watch KOTD’s GZ league. In short, this is their up and coming league that allows Gully to assess who, perhaps, deserves a shot on the mainstage.  GG represents Detroit while Crome is native to Montreal.

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