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Here’s an entertaining battle coming out the Motor City, one of the toughest battle scenes in the country.  Simply put, Blaze showed out.  Phyre  has great penmanship but in this battle, filler was his demise.  Meanwhile, Ill Blaze was able to land more punches.

Big Tom + Aye Verb = Showtime

Tech Master Stro is arguably the best producer of his Tech Mixes which features the best of  barz from some of battle rap’s best competitors.  He often speaks about when editing video, some emcee’s delivery is almost as if a beat was playing in the background.

Danny Myers vs. JC | Clearly Epic |

This battle is beyond classic and puts me in the hot seat as it relates to the verdict.  This battle is epic because it contains all the elements of battle rap and was presented in a premium fashion. Danny Clearly out barred JC but JC had plenty of barz and sharper angles.

Ah Di Boom vs Emerson Kennedy | All Bars |

Whoa! Say it ain’t so, Ah Di Boom! I didn’t expect to see Boom fall victim to such a clear defeat ever. What’s interesting is the fact that Ah Di Boom came with great material, solid performance and almost flawless delivery.

Wavyington vs Hilife Live | BLACK JESUS |

Some chokes are harder to watch than others, especially during a one rounder. You can’t just let your bars go and count on the following rounds. You must come up with some material because it’s such a long amount of time you’ve agreed to spit for.

Certified Classics

Nov vs. Diesel | Scan the Barcode |

Sometimes you watch a battle and by the end of the first round, you can feel that you’re watching a classic. This is exactly what happened in this bout.  Both emcees exhibited stellar performances and had more than enough barz to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Danny Myers vs. Aye Verb | Almost Epic |

This is a close battle and already, we’ve seen the verdict rest at 2-1 on both sides from the fans.  I’ll admit that round 1 is debatable.  We saw a bar-heavy Myers and Verb but it was Verb’s ability to “fight back” that deserves recognition.

Body Bags

Tech Mixes

The BattleScene AHAT Wrap Up

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