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Danny Myers Vs. B-Dot | Battle Rap Gourmet |

When you come across a battle of this magnitude it doesn’t do it any justice to take a technical view of it.  This is a masterpiece of epic proportions in regards to the battle rap culture as a whole.


Tay Roc & Tsu Surf Vs. DNA & K-Shine – To Be Continued…

The Scene URL’s Double Impact is clearly unprecedented as 2 x 2 battles exclusively dominate the biggest platform in Battle Rap. Tay Roc and Tsu Surf have been revealed; as a pair of URL vets they’re sure to be a forced to be reckoned with for a long time to come.


Big T & Saga vs. Charlie Clips & JJDJ: The Saga Continues

The Scene URL’s Double Impact is clearly unprecented as 2×2 battles exclusively dominate the biggest platform in Battle Rap. Big T is coming off a decent year and overall has improved unlike other veterans like T-Rex.


Can swag outshine bars?  In some occasions this is possible as we have seen many time with Goodz “The Animal”.  As we all know, he is one of the best in the game when it comes to presence on stage.  We see a variation of this approach from Mo Mulah.


Real Deal vs. AyeVerb: A Good Deal

The Scene URL drops another matchup between veterans Real Deal and Ayeverb. Verb is just coming off a win against Granddaddy Purp and also squared off in the Double Impact event. Real Deal has proven he can not only compete with top-tiers, he also can beat them.

Danny Myers – Bar God | Presented by Big Tom

This is a Tombig7 Mix of Danny Myers in his battle with T-Rex Vault Mix. As always like share subscribe and enjoy. To keep up with the latest in real Hip-Hop and the MC Battle culture subscribe to urltv channel


ShowOff Vs. Jai Presented by R.B.E. | The Verdict |

This is another great battle presented by RBE.  The event that this battle was hosted in is most likely going to be a classic event.  The main point of this blog is that one tactic utilized for the entirety of a battle is a weakness.


Charlie Clips Vs. Shotgun Suge – Rap Battle – The Verdict

This battle has already been controversial, but only because of the first round.  It appears that Charlie Clips choked or gave up the third as some sort of rope-a-dope.  We’re not going for that at battlescene.  Check out the verdict and who took the win this battle.

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