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Goodz vs Rone: Still All Goodz

This is a dope one off and therein, you can see the value of a true veteran in the game. Goodz had nothing to prove in this bout.  It’s a clear loss for him…unless you’re biased.


Zig Zag vs Genocide: Easy Southern Classic

This is undoubtedly a classic battle and probably won’t get much coverage from other battle rap blog sites. It’s no doubt in our mind that if Body Bag Battle League can continue to put together matchups as such, their stock will rise in southern battle rap.

Relly Rell vs Brooklyn Carter: Relly Gassed Up

Well let’s get the obvious out the way.  Relly Rell came with a crowd of carbon monoxide and thought for some reason that would sway the battle.  I only heard a lot of basic setups followed by even less complex punches which were mostly very predictable.


iBattle Worldwide Presents: Jimz Vs Cityy Towers

WOW!! Crazy, Crazy battle.  I love it!  I don’t even feel like calling this one.  Let’s get right into it.  Jimz was completely accurate in the second when he said he’s stepped his game up.


D FLAMEZ VS NUNN NUNN: Nunn Catches a Body!

Good job bro- you have barz/performance. You’re a battle rapper- that’s what you’re supposed to have. Your PG holds less value than say a Dre Dennis vs. Tink Da Demon because, you caught a body ( I happen to love Bodies in the PG).

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