Certified Classics

PIFF VS ZEUS DA GOD | Arabian Night To Remember |

We Go Hard has been a silent presence on the BattleScene for a while, often producing slept on classics.  This is their most recent addition to their classics.  Piff and Zeus gave us three rounds of top-tier bars and superb performance.

BIGG K VS BIG KANNON | Bigg K Top 5? |

Each time I see Bigg K battle I become more convinced that he is one of the hardiest battle rappers and arguably one of the most difficult to defeat. He’s definitely in my top ten of best battle rappers and perhaps he’s in my top 5.

Body Bags

Tech Mixes

Recent Battles

Lottazay vs. J Money | Heavy Hitters |

It’s hard to deny superior penmanship.  As Hitman Holla is to performance, so is Lottazay to penmanship- he’s in a league of his own.

Big Deal Vs. Dizzy Amorosi: Battle In The Arena

This is a match up of North vs. South in a 3-5 minute judged one-off.  Dizzy Amorosi is repping Philly while Big Deal claims the dirty south.  This is possibly our first body bag in all of the battles we have thrown to date.

Gambitt Vs Ceph Deezy | Body in Disguise |

This bout makes the sight mainly because of the contrast of different styles we often see in battle rap.  Gambitt, frankly put, attempted to discredit Deezy’s street credibility and it got to the point where it was downright redundant.

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