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GOODZ vs. T-TOP: TrapStar Out of Product?

This bout shows us that T-Top has not evolved- yes, let’s open this Verdict just like that. T-Top is the trap star of URL, and it served a purpose…for awhile.

The Fate of Gjonaj: Champion

Battlescene is often persecuted for our opinions in various groups on social medial, and that’s okay. We stumbled across this Champion video that recapped Chilla vs.


Cortez Vs. Prez Mafia | BodyBag?? |

Well, this was a definite loss for Prez Mafia.  I can’t believe he struggled through all three rounds.  It’s just not like him at all.

Certified Classics

Emcee Best Of Compilations

This is my second release for Chilla Jones.  I felt that I needed to produce a “best of” for Chilla because the first one that I created was right at the beginning of my learning Premier Pro.

The Best of DNA 2015 | PG KILLER |

DNA is the certified PG killer of 2015.  After destroying the likes of Chess, Cityy Towers, Brizz Rawsteen and others it is clear that if you want to make it in URL you will face either John John Da Don or DNA.  Here is a compilation of some of DNA’s best bars from the 2015 season.

Zip 'em Up (Body-Bags)

The BattleScene AHAT Wrap Up