DON’T FLOP – ‬Rap Battle – Oshea Vs Tony D: Fan Requested: R-Mac

First off, shout out to R-Mac on this one.  I hadn’t seen this battle prior to the incoming request and all I can say is thanks a million.  I was instantly impressed with Oshea and thought his wordplay and jokes that are comical across international cultures.  He had ultimate poise and defended his belt well, represented the league completely”  Don’t Flop.  Tony D definitely came with his usual onslaught of vicious bars.  I hope this reaches other who haven’t seen it as this battle is rounding 250,000 views which represents the quality of the battle horribly![polldaddy poll=7143478]

5 Responses to “DON’T FLOP – ‬Rap Battle – Oshea Vs Tony D: Fan Requested: R-Mac”

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