H A Double vs. Anubis: Another 300 Classic

Reviews like these are tough.  After all, this is a classic battle.  An untrained ear that, perhaps, chimes in their opinion on YouTube is cool- everyone is entitled to one.   But I can assure you that this battle requires some deep attention to sort through all the profound bars and premium performances displayed by both gladiators.

We got word from H A Double that this battle went down and he told us it was a clear 3-0.  As journalists, we only try to find more details on what might have happened but until the footage drops, we won’t speak on a battle- only inquire. So obviously it brought us joy to see one of our 300 face off against a fierce Michigan gladiator, Anubis.

In round 1, Anubis steams his way through his verse like a raging bull.  There was a small Batman villain scheme, and a video game scheme that ran for the majority of the first.  Mixed in with schemes were solid punches.  Another point that should be made is there wasn’t much filler for Anubis.  In contrast, neither was there for H A Double.

We’ve spoken before about H A’s unique abilities while performing word flips and there was plenty of that in this battle.  What was even more impressive, however, was his ability to perform compound schemes.  For instance, the God of Death scheme was downright superb. 

It’s was Double’s ability to stretch death inside and outside of other ideas that all centered around death that gave him a clear edge in this round.  This is not to take anything away from the rest of his bars, in fact, I felt when HA wasn’t scheming, his setups and punches still edged Anubis.

Round 2 begins with a lot of filler from Anubis; it all led to him addressing comments made about him sounding like JC the Kid.  I thought it was very impressive how Anubis was able to imitate JC’s style and then hop back into his own.  Overall it was yet another solid performance from Anubis.  However, I think the filler in the beginning was detrimental to his second round performance.

H A’s second round shows you why perhaps double is in his emcee name.  In other words, H A showcases how he is a true wordsmith in the battle rap culture.  Like his compound schemes, Double can also take one word or syllable and run with it like a thorough bred at the Kentucky Derby. With very little filler, H A edges Anubis in round two mainly because of his intricate word play mixed with solid setups and punches.

Round 3 literally is a culmination of what I have been speaking of in the first two rounds.  H A continues to  expand his unique style of wordplay, and compound schemes and at the end of the night, it’s H A’s originality coupled with his penmanship that allows him to beat the experienced Michigan emcee.  H A’s wordplay and compound schemes presents problems for many emcees because it showcases a next level writing style that isn’t seen very often in the mosh pit.

Credit also goes to Anubis since he was talented enough to not get bodiedEven though Anubis couldn’t match Double’s penmanship, he was able to withstand the casket.  That says a lot about Anubis and  what he brings to the culture. H A Double walks away with a clear 3-0 win and both emcees produced a classic. Way to show them how to do it on the rooftops!


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