Battle In the MoshPit | Danny Myers Vs. AH DI BOOM | Quantity Over Quality

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The first Battle in the Moshpit is causing a stir in the battle rap culture. Finally, we can experience a battle without the influence of an emcee’s performance. Ironically, the overall word on the streets (feedback from the fans) is Danny Myers won, although the judges called it 2-1 to Ah Di Boom. For the record, the judges did a great job calling the battle live. Here is our take on it.

First, as I stated in the intro to the Mosh Pit battle on our podcast, this is a #barzordie competition. In my eyes, whoever has the most frequent & creative bars will win since each competitor only has three minutes to perform. In addition, the angles or strategy an emcee uses to break down an opponent is always paramount.

Ah Di Boom and Danny Myers both brought a slew of heavyweight bars to the table and it didn’t take long to see the beauty in this match-up which, clearly displays the contrasts in their styles. Regardless, the question still becomes who had heavier bars and who would deliver more bars inside of three minutes?

“I don’t like niggas yelling on my phone Mr. Yell A lot. So control your level Paps. Impeccable aim with a pistol- hit every single freckle shot (Danny has freckles).” –Ahdi Boom Opening Hook

Boom brought a host of quality bars to start the round and like Angry Fan alluded to, this is easily one of his best performances because of his ability to display versatility. For instance, the way he converted Raiden to Raid in, showed intricate word-play; even though that punch may have been middleweight. However, the “Toy Story” scheme was top-tier and definitely deserves an honorable mention. He also had a handful of money-ball barz that displayed sharp lyricism, something that Boom is no stranger to.

“Rich Dollaz is my next victim and barz is all you get, I’m like LiL Snupe, you go die before I get Rich.” -Ah Di Money Ball Bar

The question becomes how did Danny Myers respond? I can assure you that he didn’t leave fans with an inch of disappointment. Danny Myers’ strength lies not only in his ability to consistently remain bar heavy with minimal filler in rounds, but it is also his ability to deliver heavy weight bars that are easy to digest.

“He’ll get some fast food on the late night, that’s when we plot his doom, you’ll need to be a street fighter if I catch you at Sonic Boom.” –Danny Myers’ Stiff Jab

This is not to say that Danny can’t scheme, or use wordplay. For instance his Morgan Freeman/Seven bars was a quick scheme and his “punch-line” wordplay demonstration was excellent.  Danny breaks down most of his opponents by writing clever setups and punches. You might call it old school but if breaks down new school opponents, what does it matter?

“The gang life will have them viewing your body in private, bloods will shoot you overseas, like Somalian pirates.” –Danny Myers’ Money-Ball Bar

Now, let us cut the butter with a hot knife. You are not going to make great progress approaching this battle from the perspective of who had better barz. A more efficient angle is who had more bars? Again, who had more frequent & creative bars?


After studying this battle, it’s clear to me that both emcees had top-tier barz throughout the bout but Danny’s style allowed him to disperse more barz. They both were equally creative. Boom’s style in this bout incorporated stellar penmanship and some worthy schemes but those same schemes limited the number of bars he could disperse.

If you thought the match was close before Danny’s punch line wordplay demonstration started, I’m counting at least 6 bars at the top of that demonstration and there were more by the time his round ended. Boom loses this match not due to quality, but quantity- Danny out barred him.


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