Steam vs. Ah Di Boom: URL’s First Classic of the Year


This bout is another reason why battle rap is so viable to the hip-hop culture.  Steam and Boom had an absolute blast in the ring, and the fans will be talking about this one for years to come.  This battle wreaks of attributes like stellar performances, barzs and showmanship.  It also should be added that these two gladiators are some of the east coast’s “up next” gladiators.  This is why it’s no surprise that Boom recently faced Aye Verb (solid sources stated he won).

Many of us are familiar with Boom but may not be familiar with Steam.  Steam’s style is reminiscent of Chilla Jones but even more unorthodox.  He has the ability to enact multiple schemes in one verse and bring both schemes together.  Indeed this is rare.  There are so many bars in this bout that it’s impossible to catch every bar upon the first or even second viewing, making this bout’s replay value incredibly high.  However, I do want to give you a brief synopsis on who won this battle and why.

Round 1 begins with an incredible Steam who does what he does best: Scheme and Punch.  His style is so uncanny and yet so charged with showmanship that it’s hard to deny his talent.  Boom would respond but Steam’s pen was a tad bit to heavy for Boom in the 1st round. The “Can Tuck, he fried” punch displayed the type of creativity that, perhaps, Boom doesn’t have as consistently as Steam. Regardless, Steam’s ability to Scheme and Punch edged Boom in the first.

Round 2 displays yet another round of well written bars flying everywhere.   Indeed, Steam’s performance was stellar but there were times that schemes ran to long and stepped on the edge of filler.  A classic example is the “heroes/on a roll scheme” which incorporated super heroes and more KFC barz. It was impressive, but didn’t connect with the crowd like it should have.   To balance off Boom’s second, he needed more punches and less filler

Meanwhile, Boom expanded his skill set by incorporating sprinkles of schemes throughout the rest of the bout.  THIS IS A CLASSIC CASE OF USING STRATEGY THE RIGHT WAY. Why not scheme on the schemer? He did it, it was effective and it gave Boom an edge because we all know that Boom isn’t a consistent schemer; however, the combination of schemes, word play, and setup/punches made it easy for me to give the second round to Boom.  In close battles like these, the emcee that is more versatile often comes out on top.

Round 3 would definitely decide this bout.  Currently we are split and yet I knew if the bout continued like the second, Boom would steal the third in a very close battle.  Just as I called our first Mosh Pit Battle that featured Boom and Danny Myers, schemes without solid punches reduces the overall quality of a performance.  Take a look at a quote from that review:

“Boom’s style in this bout incorporated stellar penmanship and some worthy schemes but those same schemes limited the number of bars he could disperse.”


If I am  to be fair, the 2nd and the 3rd clearly go to Boom because he had more punches with schemes mixed in between various forms of wordplay and setup/punches.  It’s a classic case of the classic schemer getting outbarred because schemes take time to effectively come across potent.  Thus gladiators like Ty Law, Danny Myers, and B-Magic have the ability to easily beat schemers if there pen is sharp. Why? Because in the end, more punches connected in the ring.  Both of these gladiators fought to the death in a classic that I am definitely certifying. But in the end, Boom wins this bout 2-1.

5 Responses to “Steam vs. Ah Di Boom: URL’s First Classic of the Year”

  1. I think Steams clearly got rounds 1 & 3…I think Steams 3rd round is one of the best rounds I heard a long time. It’s up their with Tay Rock’s last two second rounds.. I’m not from BK or even know Steams so I’m not bias.. I do also feel Boom is 0-2 versus We Go Hard talent( Steams & Mr. Wavy)… Boom has to be very careful taking too many battles and calm down a bit b/c to me he might be compared to YK,which is never a good thing.

  2. I feel Steams won … Live is definitely not the same experience as a YouTube watcher… The first time I watch a battle I’m rewinding to catch every bar so my reactions are different from the crowd’s…I know the crowd reaction is part of your judgement, but The battle leagues put the camera on to be viewed and judged by the Masses!

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