Houston Bar Code: Lyve vs whiski | Zip ’em Up & Close the Casket |

I watch so many battles, that I’m often just looking for something different.  It’s nice when I can find a battle that has someone with a completely unique style who walks away closing the casket on his opponents unrecognizable corpse. 

The main attraction in this battle is Whiski, but it’s not solely his distinct southern delivery.  It’s a culmination of swag, performance and natural presence that make him someone to watch.  Given enough quality competition on a consistent basis I believe he could develop into a top tier emcee.   Even though he stumbled a bit in the end, it didn’t make a difference because he was able to pick the bars back up and close off the battle.

Lyve broke down his performance with a quick explanation after he finished his round, noting that he, “messed his self up”.  I completely agree.  The cadence of his delivery is so slow that it literally leaves you hanging on the word.  That can work sometimes, but not throughout the entirety of your round and most certainly not when you stumble.  You can’t slip up on your delivery if your cadence contains 3 seconds in between bars; just saying.


Whiski walks away with the victory, leaving Lyve in a closed casket.

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