Queen of The Ring: DEISEL vs PHENOM | They Gon’ Put That BodyCast In A Body Bag


Late we may be on this particular battle, but a “BODY” of this magnitude must always be shared with the fans.  It’s truly a cross between two categories:  Don’t Do That and Closed Casket.  Don’t Do That, because Phenom shouldn’t have been so unprepared and Closed Casket because of the condition Diesel left Phenom in. 

Clearly, Phenom came to this battle completely unprepared and/or choked.  Either way, this didn’t end well for her at all.  She got a pass from the crowd on a lot of bars that were sub-par at best and that awkward laugh,truthfully speaking, was irritating.  Diesel however came prepared for an all out war equipped with bars, performance and delivery that would have been a task for any skilled emcee.  If her progression is steady and her bars remain consistent, she’ll be a threat sooner than some of her competition would like.


3-0 Diesel, Closed Casket.

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