Cali vs Jenezyz Da Hitman | FatBoy Body-Snatched |

Wow, this is Cali’s second great release in less than two months.  I must admit that we have been caught off guard by the instant elevation of Cali’s prowess in the arena.  Perhaps he has decided to place stakes in this battle rap culture and never be forgotten.  We’ve had him on the podcast before and he’s definitely a motivated emcee on all fronts.  Whatever the case may be, it is evident that this dude is a major threat and arguably top-tier.

Smoov’s round was best described as eloquent and a great example of ideal “round navigation”.  Not every emcee is capable of putting rounds together in a fashion that’s most effective.  Cali developed his round tactfully and delivered it with absolute precision.  His ability to intermingle comedic bars with gun bars, intricate schemes and wordplay is a quality any battle rapper would like to possess. 

We can only hope to see more of Cali in the near future.  With performances like this and his battle against Rum Nitty, it won’t be long before we see him on larger battle stages.

Jenezyz wasn’t effective at all this battle.  He began with what we could considered a bit of comic relief and it seemed like he had a bit of crowd control.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to deliver beyond his first set of bars.  Resorting to metaphors and bully bars was his biggest mistake.  He was clearly outmatched and it showed. 

I don’t think this is the best battle AHAT could have setup for Cali.  With a stronger opponent, this could have been a classic even with it being only one round.


Closed-Casket, with FatBoy Jenezyz left in a state so horrible you can’t even view the body!

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  1. >Sempre con il diluente nel caffè, vero?No, stavolta un banale errore di dinioazitge: lu ha postato alle 00:21 (00:20 secondo il mio clock di sistema). Ho corretto, grazie: mi raccomando, fammi sempre le pulci così e anche di più!

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