Smack/Url/Tombig7 Presents: DNA – Block Backwards

This mix is too much.  The beat is just so chill and smooth moving that it’s hard to not enjoy it.  I love the chorus and it had me nodding my head all the way through!!!!

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  1. that Govt hospitals will be like that only.Why this fatalistic approach Mr.Saravanan?Vinavu writes such articles only to create awareness and to fight for our rights.Instead of supporting the cause,why do you come to a conclusion that nothing will change?Any body who get involved in road accidents are taken to Govt hospitals only.For dengue and cholera,we have to go to Govt hospitals only.Do not think that we,the middle class people will never go to Govt hospital.

  2. Hmm, interesting application. Now if only they had it for Firefox. "We purposfully hunt out the partisan rather than the impartial." I think you're right here Adi. I know many people that no matter who's running will always vote towards one political party. Although I tend to lean towards one as well, I'm always open to different views… although I'd be curious to know what this app tells me. At the end of the day it's not about the best party, but the best person for the job. Don't you think?

  3. Actually, all of the source information for weight loss is based on the tested and observed data for fat, not muscle, so a whole new program would need to be researched/written to make something for gaining muscle. Also, I didn’t mention this in the original post, but as you know, when we lose fat we naturally lose muscle too. The more muscle you have, the more inaccurate this weight loss calculator will be, as the mass/energy density of muscle is different than fat. Though, all popular weight loss calculators have this flaw currently.

  4. Bloggen din er ikke kjedelig!!! ;)Velkommen tilbake og gratulerer med ny leilighet. =) Jeg er jo godt fornøyd med lesertallene mine, men de blir jo bare smÃ¥tterusk i motsetning til dine, men ikke sÃ¥ rart – flott blogg som du har!Klem Tone =D

  5. Well in India we just yell a lot at the customer service reps and keep reminding them about the job that they were getting paid for (by us), and usually this works even in hopeless situations. Its a funny thing with airlines though – everywhere in the world they are losing money and nobody seems to have figured out what the problem is !

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