Reed Dollaz vs. John John Da Don: This is How you Waste Dollaz

I can’t stress enough that this industry is based off argument and persuasion.  Bars are the medium used to convince an audience that your angles, showmanship and delivery is in fact valid.  Moreover, here’s a classic example of what happens when one is not convincing.  Reed Dollaz, though he might have been skilled in previous years, was outclassed each and every round by the Don’s barz and performance.

The fact that New York’s crowd was so tough in this bout allows us to clearly see that this was a tough crowd to persuade.  John John’s first round, though stellar, still didn’t go down like water for  the audience but after so many quality schemes, name flips and punches,  the crowd could do nothing but be convinced that his square was sharp with four 90 degree angles.

Dollaz, on the other hand, seemed to be rhyming as if he was in the early Smack DVD days.  His barz were not convincing and he seemed out of place on the stage.  His creativity was lack luster especially in comparison to John John who was able to consistently come up with money ball barz throughout the bout.

You might think this isn’t a body, but it is in my book.  I spoke on what a body is last year and this is what I came up with:

Bodying an emcee has three elements. In random order they are:

1.       The emcee must lose all three rounds convincingly.

2.       The emcee that is doing the bodying must have a preeminent or stellar performance.

3.       The emcee that is being bodied simply did not show, was not on the same level or was ill prepared for the opposing onslaught.

That’s all it really takes for me but this is the kind of body where viewing the body would be too repugnant to bear.  Dollaz got his head blown of  at point blank range, and plenty of blood spilt on the floor. His title of being a legend was stripped in this bout and unless he can turn his pen game up, we don’t look forward to him coming back to the battlescene.


John John catches a supreme body and leaves the fans with no body to view…aka Closed Casket.


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