Charlie Clips vs. T-Rex | Super Body! |

Every now and then you witness these kinds of tragedies in the ring.  Here’s a classic example of what being outclassed can get you: A closed casket.  First off, Rex was silly to reveal before the battle that he would be using personals.  Rex, didn’t you know that you were dealing with one of the best rebutters in the game? Ahhh, of course not so let the blood spill on the floor.

From Rex having one of the lightest first rounds on URL, to him grabbing the microphone on rounds 2 & 3, this was a T-Rex that wasn’t worth battling.  Yet in still, Clips was somehow able to make this worth watching.  His ability to be one step ahead of Rex in every round displayed a level of brilliance that many emcees simply don’t have.

But in reality, even if Rex didn’t attack Clips with personals, he still would have suffered a horrible loss.  The truth is, Rex’s prime has been long gone.  Yes, we saw glimmers of his hey day in Total Slaughter where he was able to easily “wig out” and beat Cortez but on the most respected stage in the culture, Rex has been light for the past couple years.

With Rex facing Danny Myers in January, the question becomes should he rack it up? We already talked to Myers and his intention is to end his career. If Rex can’t hangout with the Lions, he needs to rethink what he’s doing- Bring barz to the table or stop battling.



Clips arguably catches the body of the year with a 3-0 closed casket victory over Rex.

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