Hollow the Don vs. Charlie Clips- Is the championship belt on the Line?

hollow vs clips

First and foremost, I want to give a special thanks to Oplex and Tech-Master ‘Stro for having me as a member of the BattleScene family. With that said, let’s get right into it.

The biggest battle of the year will without a doubt be the undefeated, with multiple losses, Charlie Clips matching his wits with Hollow Da Don. People will state the obvious as to how are either of these participants fit to be a king.

Despite his often lack of preparation, Charlie Clips has remained one of the most renowned names amongst the sport; while Hollow Da Don has been a pillar in the forward progress of battle rap. Hollow Da Don and Charlie Clips have the attributes that make a battle worth viewing and easily has the makings of an instant classic. From their presence and showmanship, to their ability to freestyle rebuttal, this battle has epic proportions on both competitors career.

You may remember “How can we believe Charlie got Clips when we’ve only seen three rounds” from Hollow, or “Walk around with his lean on me- I’m Joe Clark” from Charlie Clips’ as a response. Indeed, tension has existed between both emcees. But, the factor that makes this battle the heavyweight championship bout of Battle Rap and consequently the King of New York in the culture stems from previous accomplishments. Charlie Clips brutally massacred T-Rex, his Harlem brethren and Battle Rap legend. In fact, it was similar to watching an NFL kicker punt a puppy.

Meanwhile, Hollow Da Don is coming off a battle against Tsu Surf and a fist fight with one of Battle Rap’s Gods, Loaded Lux. It has been said by many fans that he was victorious in both. I should mention no one cares about the Joe Budden battle. I’d rather watch a mud pit dry on a rainy day.

Regardless of how you see these two, you can not deny the success and achievements they’ve encompassed throughout the previous year that has gained them the notoriety to be considered for this title. Anticipate a clash of titans and choose your side wisely because one of the two will be beat. I personally choose Charlie Clips to be triumphant in this clash. The undefeated Clips with 5 losses has more appeal while Hollow is”juggling mines, guzzling wine,” rapping like he’s still back in Grindtime. But that’s just my two cents no change necessary.

5 Responses to “Hollow the Don vs. Charlie Clips- Is the championship belt on the Line?”

    • It’s not that I have an underestimation of Hollow it’s just from hollow last three performances he was using a style that’s a little dated. The personal attacks on Lux and surf are what made those battles close enough to give him a win. Specifically the Lux battle. Against surf he was better bar wise but wasn’t impressed by his own performance despite the praise. Charlie Clips is the best at connecting with the crowd.

  1. At least!? Man, don’t sleep on Hollow. I know his last two performances are arguably two of his worst, but he’s a great angles guy and his rebuttals are top notch. I think on paper this outcome is highly debatable.

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