Mack Mel vs. Daewoo: Still Stirring Bodies

We’ve talked about Mack Mel before and here’s a clear example why we feel he’s a threat: He has the ability to double the weight of his barz off performance alone.  Take one of his money ball barz for example: “Shotty come off the leg, I’m robotic.” That’s a good bar but Mel’s ability to use his body to explain the bar gave the bar a shot of adrenaline.  The fact of the matter is Mack Mel is easily one of the best performers in the game and his barz are getting better (#progression).

Daewoo had some decent barz but he couldn’t get pass battle rap 101: Vocal Projection. Simply put, Mel beat Daewoo off performance alone.  Mix that in with some sharp money ball barz and Houston, we got a problem.


1-0 Closed Casket, body bag win for Mack Mel.

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