Billy Boondocks: Scooped and Dunked

BILLYWe have spoken to Billy several times and there’s a few things everyone needs to know: He’s known as an infamous troll, his ego is arguably bigger than Kanye’s, he typically loses in the ring, and now even his fight game is suspect.

The truth is, Billy was trolling again in his attempt to get Thesaurus and Diz to battle him. He’s always reaching for attention in the wrong way and at the end of the night, he doesn’t seem to bring much to the table.  Yes, Billy has barz but it’s his delusional mind state that often stifles him from being a true threat in the game.

I’ve interviewed Billy personally and he has admitted that he doesn’t care about the opinions of his audience.  Other emceez from AHAT have also attested to Billy’s arrogance and though he’s received great advice from us here at Battlescene, he’s certain that his way is the highway, but most fans don’t get on the ramp.

I’m not sure if Diz attacking him was the morally correct thing to do, but I get the feeling that Karma came for Billy in the form of a body slam. Now, Billy will get the attention he’s always wanted but not in the way he would have preferred as’s exclusive footage is bound to be discussed in battle raps groups across social media. Billy is just as delusional as the outfit that he wore during his own beat down and we’re hoping that this incident will allow him to consider things from a more humble perspective.


6 Responses to “Billy Boondocks: Scooped and Dunked”

  1. the only reason u probably wanna root for him is because he got scooped slammed and basically beat up and since there are more ppl getting their ass beat than beating ass in this world it makes u wanna root for his underdog ass….

  2. If Billy has hopes of being a celebrity some day, maybe he could be on the right track. For someone who loses most of his battles, he has plenty of views but how many people really are fans of this guy? Diz marked him out, and there’s other emceez in the West that wanted to do the same thing (SOLID SOURCE). This dude just might have Kanye’s ego beat.

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