Klax Green vs. Snap Tite: Tite Fit for a Casket

Green's luchador bar was dope.

Green’s luchador bar was dope.

And so here we are with another MBR bout. Here’s the problem I had with Snap Tite: You have to do more than just say an emcee is trash to win a bout.  In the second round, I counted about 3 decent punches that were worthy of applause from Tite. Meanwhile, it was clear to me that Klax was on a different level.

Like Klax said, “I did a lot of preparing for this battle son” and it was clear that Snap Tite didn’t. Let’s be real: I should stop rapping right now and beat your ass is NOT a bar. It might get some laughs but it’s only effective if you’re barring somebodies life away, which was not the case here.

Klax Green needs to work on his performance and  continue to push out creative barz. Yes, this a win for Green but he has to realize that Snap Tite is no competition. Any worthy emcee shouldn’t be excited over beating an older,washed up opponent. My message to Snap Tite, by the way, is clear: You gon’ get your barz up playa OR, you’ll end up like a big, tall punching bag (in the ring) which will only land you in a Tite fit Body Bag (customized casket).


Klax shows us some solid progression here regardless of his weaker opponent. This is a 3-0 body bag based on the number of quality barz Green had as compared to Tite.


This bout only makes the site because Klax had enough barz to make this one entertaining.

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