D FLAMEZ VS NUNN NUNN: Nunn Catches a Body!

Good job bro- you have barz/performance. You’re a battle rapper- that’s what you’re supposed to have. Your PG holds less value than say a Dre Dennis vs. Tink Da Demon because, you caught a body ( I happen to love Bodies in the PG). Flamez had some punches here and there but bottom line, he wasn’t hot. The true challenge will be your next battle which will probably yield a higher quality of talent.

I do not think you beat Riggz…that was a close one. On first watch, I gave Riggz the bout taking rounds 1 & 3. The true test to your future in battle rap will be can you continue to spit intricate barz and punch quickly like you did in your PG and connect with the crowd. I didn’t feel you punched as well against Riggz as you did in your PG and that makes sense…We’re waiting on your next battle. Welcome to the PG Life.


3-0 Nunn Nunn, BODY BAG!

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  1. Well, it’s not really Nunn Nunn’s fault that he got a lackluster Flamez so I think he deserves a bit more credit. When a dope emcee gets crappy talent he should catch a body and that’s exactly what Nunn Nunn achieved here. Also, with such a stellar performance Nunn Nunn left us wanting more and I’m definitely excited to see him on another card. Putting up performances that leave people wanting more is excellent for building his brand.

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