A-Class vs. Bliss Creed: A Blissful Body

It’s a known fact that people disagree with my commentary, especially when I call a body. This battle here, well, I might catch some hatemail. But this is also a testimony to a KOTD emcee who came in Philly and tore up the scene. Hands down, this is one of the better performances I’ve seen all year… A-Class is a threat.

It’s very difficult to chain link your barz and have at least 80+ percent of your punches damage your opponent and this is exactly what A-Class did. Bliss Creed, on the contrary, just didn’t do it for me. The name flips were okay but were not nearly as good as 90% of his opponents barz. Bliss is abstract and had tons of AC, flips- cool. But after awhile, the AC flips got redundant. A-Class had a way of “talking to him,” and all of Creed’s complicated, cryptic barz that definitely needed to be decoded just didn’t work.

If you put Mike Tyson against Mayweather, Mayweather would do what he normally does, run around the ring and indirectly try to beat Mike. But it only takes a couple good punches from Tyson to get a KO. That’s a reach, since they’re in two different weight classes but Creed got lost because he spent to much time on name flips and cypher barz that never neutralized the fact that Class was punching his lights out. It’s a Technical body in that Bliss’ style was too lyrical…too cryptic…and not direct enough to withstand the slugs that Class pumped in his body.

Last note, WBL is heating up hitting our site twice in one month. Keep sending them our way.


A-Class catches a Technical Body beating Creed 1-0.

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