Chilla Jones vs. Prep: Rest in Peace

I was listening to the War Report after this event took place and Street Star Norbes had some things to say about Prep. In short, he noted that Prep is too concerned about the crowd. Why does he feel the need to verify each bar he spits? Also, why does he feel the need to tell the audience that they are “sleeping” or they need to catch up?

Prep, no they don’t. You’re the entertainer and if you’re continuously telling the crowd to catch up, maybe it shows an inherent flaw in your writing skills. I digress. But back to the fans, Prep clearly did this to himself. He belittled Chilla in pre-battle talk on URL’s channel as if he wasn’t dealing with one of the best in the sport. Prep was convinced that he could do what Chilla can do and do it better. He was cited on several videos after the bout saying he thought the material he brought to this battle was fire.

And this is just my point, Prep is his own worse enemy.  He worked hard to make it to the mainstage but he doesn’t seem to fit. John John Da Don clearly beat him and now a clear body has been cited against Chilla Jones.

Prep has a big ego. Instead of respecting Chilla’s notoriety, he downplayed it. Instead of saying I have something to prove to the fans and URL after my last lost, he claimed himself the victor before the battle even started. Prep’s ego had bodied him before he started writing for Jones.

As for Chilla, the Battle Rap Expert notes that this was the best Chilla Jones to date and we got confirmation from Chilla that all it took was two weeks for Jones to put three incredible rounds together. No longer is he confined to schemes and yet he still is the scheme king. His ability to use wordplay, angles, barz, schemes and aggression rest in battle rap’s top 5 (easy) while Prep…well, for now, he’s resting in peace.


Chilla Jones bodies Prep with ease and sends Prep back to the drawing board. I think it will be awhile before we see Prep on a URL mainstage.

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