T-REX VS DANNY MYERS | There’s A Reason Dinosaurs Are Extinct |

I knew the outcome of this battle before it even took place.  There is enough footage of T-Rex to conclude that he could never stand toe to toe with Danny Myers for one round, much less three.  Watching T-Rex is like watching a fossil come to life and being able to understand why it’s no longer in existence and no longer a threat.  In all truth this is the utmost evidence that T-Rex should just give it up.  The guy is in complete denial and his disillusion is just made worse by fanatical fans who don’t know a thing about battle rap.  Well I’m here to tell the fans that Rex was never hot.  You’ve been had, hoodwinked & bamboozled.  It’s a crying shame that we continue to see T-Rex booked at SMACK events in his current shape.  It’s like watching a prize fighter 10 years past his prime get beat up on.

For three rounds we got to see Danny Myers land hay-maker after hay-maker on what could be argued was the equivalent of a dead horse.  Because of such a pathetic performance by T-Rex this battle actually was a bit of a disappointment.  While watching someone get bodied can be entertaining, it’s not as fun as watching a competitive match-up that can be argued until the end of time.


Danny Myers 3-0, BODYBAG

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