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This is battle rap at its best and there is a reason why battles like this are few and far between.  With the ever growing over saturation of the culture it’s becoming ever more difficult to find quality material.  The one saving grace to this over saturation is that the major leagues are producing super high quality battles at closer intervals and releasing them to YouTube at a pace inconsistent to their past practices.  Ave vs. Nunn Nunn is an example of the aforementioned quality gauntlets.

Nunn Nunn was able to kick off the battle with heavy punches and street rap that was totally believable.  This in essence set the tone for the battle to be a classic.  I like his style and his performance.  He’s got a nice cadence and clean setups that don’t let you down.  With his wife and kid in attendance you could do nothing but respect the grind and watch him work.  He’s got boundless potential and doesn’t come off as “the white guy trying to fit in”.  His second round was the most interesting of all as he executed and on-and-off with his ole lady.  The battle is worth a watch for that action alone.

If Ave was a gang member he’d be a shooter.  He wastes no time, energy or bars.  He puts to good use every word and this in turn makes him incredibly hard to beat.  What we have in this battle is possibly one of his strongest performances to date.  His work requires an extra dose of appreciation because he was easily able to stay on par with Nunn Nunn every round.  With the second round by Nunn Nunn this is saying quite a bit.  He paralleled Nunn Nunn on performance and aggression.  He’s took a no nonsense approach to the battle as usual and it came off well.  He’s got what it takes to continue on to the main stage if he can wrap up a few more victories against comparable talent.


2-1 Ave, taking rounds one & two with this battle being a certified classic.  Yes, I know I made a big to-do about Nunn Nunn’s second but Ave was able to overcome the on-and-off attack.  Nunn Nunn’s third was too real to discount.

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