Emerson Kennedy vs. Cali Smoov: Kennedy Rises in the Ranks

Emerson Kennedy has been no secret to the Battlescene and this PG makes that evident. Meanwhile, Smoov is more of the veteran and we expected to see an intense bout. However, what we saw was Kennedy’s career best performance and an overwhelmed Cali Smoov who under estimated Kennedy’s ability to consistently land money ball barz with qwerky, unorthodox setups.

Stro says, perhaps, Kennedy may never make it to the URL main stage. That point may or may not be true but the point is Kennedy just landed in the West Coast’s battle scene top 10 easy. Smoov would have to be considered in the West Coast’s top 10 also so though many may not know it, this was a big battle for the battle rap culture on the west. Both of these two gladiators have been in the ring at least since we started the site in the summer of 2013.

But let’s face it, this was close to a body. EK was just too much for Smoov. You kind of saw that heartbroken look in Smoov’s face in the second while Kennedy barred his life away. Then, there was Smoov staring in his cell phone, trying to find some sense of hope or guidance on his barz and how he could get his life together in that moment. And then, I knew the choke was coming in the second.

Kennedy did more and did everything better from freestyle rebuttals, angles, and conscious barz- he came with a full arsenal.  Smoov just wasn’t ready and so he suffered most of this bout. His third was amazing but by that time, he merely crawl out the casket and leaned on it…this could have easily been a body.


Kennedy sent Smoov’s soul to a fiery pit in rounds 1 &2. Round 3 is debatable. My call is 2-1 EK…edging the third to a desperate Cali Smoov fighting for his life. In fact that desperation led Smoov to bring out his best late in the third and saved him from the casket. Between that and an incredible performance from EK, this was an easy classic.

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