B Dot vs. Daylyt: The Lyt Didn’t Shine

This battle deserves a little more recognition, and I’m not satisfied per the number of views I’m looking at on Youtube. Fans are reluctant to speak the truth: Daylyt got bodied. It’s clear to me that Day didn’t prepare three rounds for a formidable opponent. But in the Battlescene, the Charlie Clips Syndrome doesn’t work. Just because Daylyt wasn’t on his A game doesn’t give us a reason to say he didn’t lose horribly.

B Dot had a way of delegitimizing Day’s brand. We’ve heard angles concerning Day’s bizarre character used against Mr. Spawn before but in my opinion, not as effective as B Dot’s. Moreover, B Dot was still able to effectively use all the elements of battle rap (schemes, angles, money-ball barz, performance) while destroying Day’s brand in these three rounds.

For the record, a bout should never feel like a class room. So miss me with the “What’s a Savant?” In fact, I think Day had enough respect for B Dot to not pull his typical antics but Day’s lackadaisical approach to this battle made it clear that he wasn’t taking Dot seriously. The problem with that is it’s not fair to Dot’s brand. He’s clearly the caliber of emcee that should be taken seriously and instead of having, what could have been a classic- we get a sub-par Day and a stellar B Dot.


B Dot catches a clear body over Daylyt. Let’s face it, the Lyt didn’t shine.



5 Responses to “B Dot vs. Daylyt: The Lyt Didn’t Shine”

  1. michael denmark Reply

    I think a loss like that is needed for someone like day, he suffers from the same thing i do as an artist. When u know u the man, sometimes it takes someone like dot to knock u off that horse u roding on to make u more sharper and to take every opponent serious.

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