Danny Myers vs. Caine Marko: Blood Shed in Indiana

I’ve told the battle rap world before that Ball Hog has a knack for putting some unexpectedly great battles together. If you don’t believe me, check this battle  out. As for this bout, I knew what the outcome would be. Cain’s strengths in the ring centers on his aggression mixed with good penmanship. When he battled Sno, that became evident to us. But battling someone like Danny Myers requires more than just acute penmanship and aggression. In short, Danny is very difficult to beat and as of late, his creative powers have become downright ridunkolous.

But this is a good look for Cain, even though in the end, his blood could be found laying intricately over the concrete and shoes of the fans that were there. Cain was able to distribute his brand to a host of fans worldwide that may not have known him prior. In short, his choke hurt him. The Battle Rap Expert and I discussed this. Would it have been better for him to call time? My logic was, he wasn’t going to be victorious regardless. So the talking point becomes, in a battle that you suspect you won’t win, moreover a one off, is it better to call time (considering that he rhymed a significant amount of time), or stumble around the ring until you can pick your barz up?

On the contrary The Battle Rap Expert thinks his ability to recall his barz is what saved him from the casket. In other words, cutting the round short …not having enough barz would have made this a debatable body. Either way this was a Bar God who, like he said, was in Super Saiyan mode. Point blank, Danny was in rare form and though Cain has talent, it was clear that Danny was on another plateau.


Easy 1-0 win for Danny Myers, The Bar God.

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