Arsonal vs. JC: A Quiet Body in London

It saddened me to report to The Battle Rap Expert that I stumbled on a body. It surfaced in London at the Battle of the Brave and we must admit that they were able to put together a powerful card. JC’s first round was his strongest and probably debatable among the fans. However, I edged the first to Arsonal. Both had solid performances but Arsonal punched more and his angles were sharp.

The crowd seemed over anxious as if they had been deprived of quality battle rap for a couple of years. Consequently, Arsonal’s N!gga Krueger bar was just as solid as the Mercedes Benz punch but the latter went over the crowd’s head and thus got no crowd reaction. JC’s second was infused with clever writing but was cut short due to an apparent  stumble. As much as I’d like to say his freestyle attempt was planned, I can’t. It appeared that he had lost his barz and the freestyle attempt was the cover up.

That became more evident  to me in the third where we see a blatant choke in which JC had to give the round up. Arsonal, on the other hand, came fully prepared for this bout and had quite a few barz and in the end, it was clear that Arsonal clearly put on the better performance and had more volume of quality material. Furthermore, his street cred angle against JC was convincing by the third. Therefore, though I’m not proud to admit it, JC- one of the culture’s best writers got bodied by battle raps most viewed and most disrespectful gladiator.


Usually bodies are 3-0 but this body is a 2-1/3-0 debatable. However, due to JC’s performance glitches, the body bag takes justice on the side of JC. This is the kind of bout that JC needed to win and had the capability to do so. Consequently, this loss looks even worse in that the loss comes from lack of preparation as opposed to clearly being beat by barz. This was a heavy weight bout and Arsonal, no matter how you look at it, got an easy TKO. I think Cameron who left a Youtube comment said it best:

“Watching someone as consistent as JC choke/clearly lose against another “big name” is painful.”

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