Craig Lamar vs Rum Nitty | Choking Can Cost You a Classic |

Well this one can be kept fairly simple.  We got a great performance from both emcees, but I think it is clear we see a sharper Rum Nitty than Craig Lamar in this matchup.

Craig Lamar has everything it takes to be a successful battle rapper.  His performance easily keeps the attention of onlookers, his staccato delivery is easy to follow and his bars are top tier.  But his problem may be in the preparation for the battle.  Craig Lamar had a few slip-ups that were obvious moments where his memory lapsed and he wasn’t able to pick up his bars for quite some time occasionally.  This type of action cannot happen against an opponent as worthy as Rum Nitty.  I’m sure this is not what Craig Lamar planned upon, but it transpired nonetheless.  His strongest round was most definitely his second.

How long shall we sleep on Rum Nitty?  I believe except for Young Kannon, Rum Nitty is the most slept on battle rapper.  His bars are top notch, his performance is outstanding, his preparation meticulous and his consistency is only matched by Danny Myers.  Let us not forget one of the best battles of 2013 was between Myers and Nitty.  For three rounds Spitdatheat was inundated with clever setups, most oftentimes followed by haymakers.  I would have to say that Nitty’s strongest round was his first.


Rum Nitty 2-1 clearly, taking rounds one and three.

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  1. Shi Dog Vs Craig Lamar should happen. I went through the same thing in my Danny myers battle. Yall know. But im back on and killin shit. Him too so.. ya never know.

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