Heartless vs. Tez: A Heartless Body

Michigan Battle Rap can give us a hard time occasionally. The truth is, I rock with Michigan like none other and expect more from Detroit (my hometown) emcees. With that said, Tez has come full circle in this bout. Tez has never had an issue with barz and like he said in this bout, he brought back the same Tez that battled Sno.

How about that Power Rangers bar!!? How about the Batman, Cave that N!gga crib in bar?!! And let’s not talk about that Uma Thurman Punch. These kind of barz exemplify why Tez is a threat.  On the contrary, whats up with Heartless? Did he really get in the ring and battle rap as if he was in a library???

I mean, was he spitting barz at a golf game? I digress. My point is, Heartless didn’t have a heart of a champion. Or maybe he thought Tez would be the laid back gladiator that battled Brixx Belvedere…  If that was the case, this battle wouldn’t have made the site. To be fair, Heartless had some solid material but he delivered it like a PGA golf commentator live on the golf course. I’m not sure how he expects to get booked again after that lackluster display of performance.

Nevertheless, Heartless’ benadryl flow will not outshine Tez in this write up. Tez had a heaping serving of barz and came with a stellar performance that equated to a Heartless body. Heartless was so subdued that Tez’s perfomance and pen game alone is the reason this bout makes the site.


Tez bodies Heartless with an easy  1-0, Detroit Style. It’s also the first body of 2016 on our site. In that degree, Tez just made history.


Shouts out to Ball Hog and $ for putting on yet another quality battle in the Midwest.


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  1. Great write up Plex! I agree completely. It was totally refreshing to see not only the advice given, taken. But it’s even more rewarding to see that advice actually benefit the emcee as we thought it would. KEEP YOUR PERFORMANCE LIKE THIS TEZ. You’ll be crushing all who stand in front of you.

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