Ball Hogg Ent Presents Double M vs Goonchi | The Walking Dead |

So Goonchie is back and it’s been quite a while since we’ve seen him.  I think he may have thought he had an easy opponent coming back against Double M, but he was mistaken.  I mentioned Double M’s progression in a Facebook post a couple of days ago.  His progress is undeniable and luckily for us it has been “televised” so we can go back and review each one of his battles to actually watch him get better.  This has always been one of the most rewarding aspects of battle rap for me and is one of the main reasons I keep a blog.

I’m not going to get all technical this write up.  Double M barred Goonchie’s life away.  He wasn’t able to match the onslaught of unique material.  You can’t just come into a battle with aggression and recycled bars are expect to take away a win.  Some may say he won in the room but the truth is that in-room victories are subjective at best.  There are a lot of factors that go into those type of victories the main one being home turf.

I also saw some people giving these emcees a bit of slack about the battle.  These attacks are completely unwarranted and are being perpetrated by those who barely know battle rap.  Most probably didn’t know Goonchie before they saw him here and it is clear that the haters haven’t been watching the ongoing progression of Double M.  So BattleScene is giving a shout out to both emcees for a stellar battle.


Double M 3-0, slightly edging each round.

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