Syah Boy vs. DNA: DNA Stands Firm

Battle Rap is definitely heating up in Atlanta and this battle clearly exhibits that point. Though this battle is quality, I expected more from both emcees. There was a ton of recycled barz used in this bout from both sides. Syah’s best round seemed to be round 2 while DNA’s third (as it should be) was his most potent round. The danger of someone like Syah Boy battling DNA is the kind of angles that DNA, a seasoned veteran, can use against him. Syah Boy has had a few glory days in battle rap but never was able to make it to the upper echelons of the culture.

Regardless of Syah’s angles to tear down DNA, it wasn’t effective especially after DNA “talked” to him in the third. I think The Battle Rap Expert, Tech Master Stro, would say that Syah should either jump back in or stay out. In the third, Syah clearly needed his cell phone to compete in the third round. That’s something we’re not tolerating this year. Pull your cell phone out if you want and it’s an automatic lost for that round.


Clear win for DNA taking rounds 1 & 3. The second, in my opinion, is debatable.

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