DNA vs. Brizz Rawsteen: Tough Verdict

This is one of those battles that should make fans question what they prioritize when an emcee hits the stage. Is it barz or performance? Some fans like both but when in doubt, there’s no true science in calling a winner when both equally bring those two attributes to the table. This is why battle rap is one of the most subjective competitions that exist and perhaps that’s what keeps it alive and thriving. Everyone can chime in on their opinion of who won when in reality, there is no winner unless YOU decide. With that said- it’s my time to call this bout.

 I edged the first round to DNA. Indeed, Brizz was able to land some quality punches. Both emcees were “talking” to each other but DNA  seem to have a higher ratio of punches that shook the room. And listen, there were some quality barz on both sides (it’s not all about the crowd reacting, it’s about the pen too).

I guess what I’m saying is…Brizz had a significant number of lite barz (not Tay Roc’s lite) in round one. Brizz needed more bars like the “Can to his mouth…cat food” punch.  It was original and it caught the crowd off guard. That’s why it landed with such impact. But the same could be said for the English Muffin punch. Sometimes, some of the best barz are relatively simple but they’re delivered with irony. It gives the viewer the, “I didn’t see that coming feel.” And ultimately, DNA was able to do that more consistently in two rounds of this bout.

Moving on…I could say the last round is debatable but no. Brizz clearly won the third based on my previous comments. Brizz had an incredible R- Kelly punch (seems like you’re ready) punch and some premium name flips that edged DNA’s predictable punches after the fire alarm went off. Rewatch the third and you’ll see that though DNA punched a lot…nothing was heavyweight.

It’s the difference between Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis. Though both are heavyweight, Lennox beats his opponents with tons of jabs (lite)…and then lands a handful of hooks. Thats what happened in the third but DNA didn’t have the hooks to put his opponent on the ropes to land the killer blow. Watch the third again…and if you disagree, it’s okay- We talked about that in the first paragraph. Brizz was Tyson in the third but as for the first two rounds…



Very debatable battle. DNA takes rounds one and two. Brizz clearly takes round three. DNA, the Tim Duncan of Battle Rap, takes this bout 2-1.  Why Tim Duncan? Ask us in the comments and we will explain.



3 Responses to “DNA vs. Brizz Rawsteen: Tough Verdict”

  1. Great Question. My reference to Tim Duncan simply implies that DNA, though he is on of the best to do it, is fundamentally sound. His fundamentals is what keeps him one of the best. We’ve seen more exciting Battle Rappers that can land much heavier haymakers, etc… but he keeps the basics on lock and continues to be one of the most relevant battle rappers of all time.

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