Real Deal vs. AyeVerb: A Good Deal

The Scene

URL drops another matchup between veterans Real Deal and Ayeverb. Verb is just coming off a win against Granddaddy Purp and also squared off in the Double Impact event. Real Deal has proven he can not only compete with top-tiers, he also can beat them. Another highlight is Real Deal’s ┬ástrong win against Sno in Rookies vs. Vets…we haven’t heard from Sno on URL since. Which veteran would rise to the occasion and be the real emcee?


The Battle

Real Deal is up to his old tricks in this bout: using strong angles with quality setups and punchlines to defeat his opponent. AyeVerb, on the other hand well… He had an incredible showtime in round 1, but was weary by the third. For whatever reason, Verb was not in his bag. Real Deal’s roasting session in round 2 was one of the best rounds of the year. Verb had moments of brilliance but crashed fast.

The Verdict

Aye Verb stunned the crowd with an impressive showtime in the first. It was enough for him to steal that round- he did more with less. However Deal clearly takes rounds two and three giving him a 2-1 win.

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