Rum Nitty vs. Ave: How the West Won

The Scene

Easily the most anticipated battle from the URL’s Born Legacy 2. This was a small room battle with a big stage feel. Ave had more to prove as he emerged as a headliner. Nitty, having beat some of the best in the sport, is more seasoned. Some of Nitty’s best work can be found against Danny Myers or Chess. Ave has put in a lot of work including almost catching a body against Mike P. Can Nitty out punch Norfolk’s #1 stunna?

The Battle

URL drops another classic bout featuring a seasoned Rum Nitty versus the emerging Ave. We get stellar performances from both; however, Ave’s pen didn’t possess the power of Nitty’s. If Ave’s first two rounds were like his third, this battle would have been epic. Nitty’s unorthodox setups and clear and concise punches were undeniable. When you have these kind of emcees slugging it out, he who lands the most haymakers will be the victor. Not only was Nitty able to land more moneyball barz, his setups often had you on the edge of your seat and he was able to deliver incredible damage to his opponent.

The Verdict

Rum Nitty won this battle in the first two rounds. Ave’s third was incredible. Nitty takes this bout 2-1.

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