Danny Myers Vs. B-Dot | Battle Rap Gourmet |

When you come across a battle of this magnitude it doesn’t do it any justice to take a technical view of it.  This is a masterpiece of epic proportions in regards to the battle rap culture as a whole.  It is a testament to the notion that battle rap truly is an art and last real surviving facet of hip-hop.  This battle has set the bar for this year’s battle season.  Especially for me it has shifted my perspective on what should even be covered in terms of the BattleScene.  Because there is so much content out there it is oftentimes difficult to determine what I want the fans to pay attention to.  No longer will I turn their attention to the up and coming emcees.  I will take the time to watch those up and coming emcees, but rarely from now on shall they be published on the BattleScene.

We have had quite a few battles this year:  Chess Vs. Dougy, Rum Nitty Vs. Ave and Iron Solomon Vs. Dizaster just to name a few.  With battles of such magnitude being released with such consistency across the BattleScene, leagues will have to step their game up if they wish to keep up.

Danny Myers Vs. B-Dot will go down as a classic and will only get better with time and each successive watch.  It should be no surprise that much debate has followed this battle, as this is what should follow all battles of epic proportions.  L.A. Battlegroundz put on an excellent show and proved that it doesn’t take a major league to produce a classic battle.

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