Bigg K vs. Head Ice: Selling Wolf Tickets

ice Big K

The Scene

Massacre 2, KOTD, Boston

The Battle

On paper, the matchup looks shaky. Head Ice isn’t known for having enough barz to compete with a puncher like Bigg K. However, I now am a certified Ice fan. Ice’s first round was sprinkled with some good barz, some room shakers and some basic barz. What’s more important is that his underlying theme was my street cred is immaculate and he did it without the typical, what you know about” approach. Simple lines like, “Who go stop Ice…I done stop life in front of stoplights,” was driving his angle home which would be revealed more clearly in the next round: You say you’re in the streets, I know your block…sorry Big K, you’re not.

K on the other hand was up to his usual tricks. Two bar setups, with the punch landing in the next two. K was able to neutralize Ice’s first round by focusing on his age and utilizing clever name flips. “I’ll have them dreds (K stated he had some Rasta goons) slide on Ice, Cool Runnings,” had the impact of an earthquake in the room. Ice’s second round was incredible and probably should have been his last round. Ice mixed his street cred with personals that pierced Big K’s fortress. I edged the second to Ice. K wasn’t able to punch as effectively as the first and his attacks on Ice’s street cred weren’t nearly effective as Ice’s. But K was able to effectively break down Ice’s OG status and simple barz in the third. K saved all his best personals and angles in the last round and that made the difference.

The Verdict

Big K takes this battle 2-1 taking rounds 1 and 3.

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