Danny Myers Vs. Gjonaj – Gjonaj No Kyle Reese


Massacre 2, which has been one of the most exciting cards of the year may have been better than Blackout 5. With a featured matchup of this magnitude in addition to all the other great bouts it is hard to imagine how this event could have failed. Gjonaj and Danny would be the second battle of the night setting the stage for an excellent show.

Plainly stated, Gjonaj was out of his weight class in this matchup against Danny Myers. Don’t take that to mean that Gjonaj didn’t do well. He did an excellent job. His execution was near perfect and his bars were exemplary as always. He used some decent angles and managed to drop one of the most impactful bars of the night with the “Genesis” punch that literally turned out the lights. None of the aforementioned would be enough to overcome the torrential onslaught of back to back bars (all of which could be deemed haymakers) delivered by Danny Myers this bout.

But we’re used to bars from Danny, so what makes this battle any different from the rest? What we are seeing from Danny is a revealed metamorphosis. I say “revealed” because Danny has always had the traits that we are seeing, but was forced to conceal these aspects because the fans were not ready. We are now seeing a Danny who has a presence that dwarfs the one he had on stage just two years ago. His movements in the ring, his impeccable crowd control, his ongoing relationship with the fans and his complete dedication to professionalism. All of these things come together to make a battle rap icon and as I have stated for a very long time, G.O.A.T status.

This is why Gjonaj was out of his weight class. He wouldn’t have gotten a battle with Hollow Da Don, Charlie Clips, Loaded Lux or Murda Mook because we would all say that he couldn’t be ready for such a matchup. But because most people are unwilling to accept the fact that Myer’s is most definitely of the same caliber as the emcees just mentioned, Gjonaj is set up against him when in fact he’s not really ready. He bit off more than he could chew. I would like to see Gjonaj develop properly and not just thrown into the ring with every juggernaut that can be found. I’d like to see him take battles that make sense for his career if he wants to continue to battle rap at all. He’s quickly beginning to remind me of Prep. We all saw such promise in him but because he was thrown to the wolves so early he wasn’t able to develop properly.

We still have a classic battle here and it will possibly be debated, but I have Danny 2-1 clearly or 3-0 debatable.

5 Responses to “Danny Myers Vs. Gjonaj – Gjonaj No Kyle Reese”

  1. Except Gjonaj clearly won, the polls have him winning, and every forum on facebook currently discussing the battle has him winning lmao. What a biased, trash article.

  2. Danny 2-1, Danny is a lot better on stage than Gjonaj. I love Gjonaj too, but he needs to stop being so patronizing and work on his performance

  3. Yeah, Danny sent his soul into a different dimension. Clearly got Round 1 and 3. Round 2 is a toss-up. Sorry, WORDPLAY isn’t going to save you against every other facet of battle rap, which is what Danny brought to the table.

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