I guess I’m not quite sure what the definition of a one off is but I’ve always thought it was in reference to a one round battle; each emcee gets one round off.  I could be mistaken.  This is a sleeper classic in many ways.  Both HA and Profecy were able produce high quality material for every minute of each of their rounds.  There were really no dry spots in this face off and I think this is a good look for both emcees.

HA Double is getting back on the scene with a very good showing for his first battle in quite a while.  I felt like he displayed his mastery of wordplay this battle with countless moments where his play on words was simply uncanny.  This played well in his favor because Profecy would use a lot of wordplay this battle in an effort to demystify the method so well used by Double.  Though Profecy was able to produce quite a bit of hard hitting bars involving wordplay, he still didn’t seem to display the level of mastery held by HA Double.  This takes nothing away from the showing that Profecy had during the battle.  He had a punchline centric attack that could easily be compared to Ty Law.  In many ways his style reminds me of Law’s, but with a few distinctions when it comes to delivery and projection.

This battle is debatable and will play to the preferences held by the fan.  I tend to prefer the more concept centric nature of HA Double’s style just a bit more than a singularly punch heavy emcee.  But Profecy’s material was super cold so I can understand 2-1 either way coming from even the most battle hardened fan.

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