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In life, you have to know when enough is enough.  We’ve all had the Kool-Aid with too much sugar or the rice that has too much salt.  So we all know that having too much of any one thing can destroy whatever you’re putting that thing into.  After watching this battle I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a good teaching moment for emcees and those thinking of moving into battle rap themselves.

You can probably guess that I’m going to say that Mic stayed on the Christian angle too long.  The first round was fire, but one must wonder how fire would that round have been after hearing two verses utilizing the same angle for the entire round.  I’m asking that question because many may say that the second and third rounds were just as good as the first.  Well, they may have been but by the time we get to the second and third round we’re dealing with angle overuse.  Angle Overuse can cause the crowd to grow bored, restless and possibly aggressive, “What Else!?”  For me personally, I begin to focus in on that one angle and how much it is used.  After a while, I’m not watching the battle for the next bar, I’m watching the battle to see if anything other than the angle being utilized will be thrown at the emcees opponent.  It can be truly frustrating for the fans who know more could have been done in terms of writing.

Saint Mic has all the tools of a top tier emcee and I haven’t seen him in this predicament before so I don’t think we have anything to worry about in terms of his progression.  He’s one of the most prolific writers in the game though he doesn’t receive the credit he deserves.  So, all I offer to him is constructive criticism in hopes that he might be able to put it to use in future battles.

A.Ward is an enigma of sorts and waves the Christian banner throughout his battles.  The content you get from A.Ward is what you would receive from your typical emcee.  He’s got quite a bit of good material and excellent performance.  I was impressed all around with everything he was able to do in the ring.  He was far from predictable and caught me off guard with his material more than a few times.  I think the same could be said for Saint Mic.  I know he did his homework but I don’t think he anticipated an A.Ward of this caliber stepping into the ring with him.  We got three solid round rounds from “A” and we got solid performance each of those rounds.


A.Ward takes this battle 2-1, rounds 2 & 3.

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  1. anything about irregular sleep patterns?Your comment betrays your morning person status.Im a night person, if it werent for the demands of the morning person majority I would happily go to bed in the early morning and rise late morning/lunch time. Regularly.

  2. இந001000்து இனம் என்றோ இந்து மதம் என்றோ எதுவும் இல்லையே.ஒரு இனந்த்துக்கோ மதத்துக்கோ பொதுவாக இருக்கக் கூடிய எதுவுமே இந்த ‘இந்துக்கள்’ என வசதிக்காக அழைக்கப்படும் மக்களுக்கு இல்லையே.வடக்கின் பண்பாடு என மெச்சப் படுவதில் முக்கியமான பகுதி முகலாயர் வழங்கியது.இந்தியா உலகிற்குத் தந்த உருப்படியான ஒரே மதம் பவுத்தம். அதைக் கூடப் பார்ப்பனியம் அழித்துச் சிதைத்து விட்டது.இப்போது இந்தியா எனப்படுவது கூட, பிரிட்டிஷ்காரனின் காலனிய சாம்ராஜ்யத்தின் ஒரு எச்சமே!

  3. Absolutely it must have your name on it! Well done on the text book- let me know when it comes out. I definitely couldn’t cope with two names, but then it wasn’t really about that for me as I was still at University when we married. For me it was all about principle! Even if my name had been Hogwash I wouldn’t wanted to have given it up (although I might have chosen a different name professionally! With apologies to anyone blessed with the name ‘Hogwash’….

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