Sometimes less is more and this battle is a perfect example of that.  We have two exemplary emcees with boundless talent facing off on one of the most competitive leagues in the culture.  Aura is a veteran in the league who utilizes a cryptic street flow that enables him to land unexpected haymakers against his opponent.  C. Marko is like a mix between Mr. Mills and Danny Myers.  He keeps his tempo and aggression on the level of Mills while landing money-ball bars throughout which is reminiscent of Myers.  This is a good battle and definitely worth a watch.

The deciding factor for me in this battle was the fact that Cain Marko seemed to be able to land more effective blows against his opponent with less filler.  I feel like Aura takes a while to get to the punch and then sometimes those punches don’t land in the way intended.  He got a lot of love from the WGH crowd but I’m not sure it translated so well outside the venue.  Cain Marko was able to compose material that could be appreciated by even the most novice of battle rap fans.  This is an advantage for him on and off cam; he can get love in the building and after the fact on YouTube.

Aura needs to be seen more because he has a lot to offer.  If he can tighten up the time in between punches, and by that I mean less filler, he will be more than just a threat in the culture.  Given the right preparation and opportunity he could make the big stage.  Same goes for Cain Marko.  He’s battled some big names and it seems like still doesn’t receive the respect he deserves.


Cain Marko is able to pull this one out by being a bit more efficient with his material, landing more haymakers than Aura was able to do.

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