$ vs. Gambit | Not Enough Punches |

First, let me be clear about two things concerning this battle. This bout exemplifies Detroit Battle Rap. Detroit battlers have a different swag like most regions. What sets Detroit Battle Rap apart is the emphasis on personals.  Secondly, this is the best Gambit and $ I’ve seen.

This is a grudge match, and it’s highly competitive. $ is a key figure in Detroit Battle Rap and it’s largely due to his leadership of the only league in the Motor City, Alpha League. Gambit is a Detroit veteran but has been quiet as of late. This set the stage for an intense bout.

Gambit’s ability to talk to $ for the entire round was impressive. The opening Batman scheme was sharp; however, his best material spoke on $ and his relationship to Detroit Battle Rap. In short, Gambit criticized $’s administration in the 313 culture and it was effective. $, on the other hand, showed that he should not be underrated as a league owner and his ability to cover all the attributes of Battle Rap in one round was evident.

Indeed, this is a close battle and incredibly entertaining. In the end, I had to focus on who did more with less (it’s a one off). Perhaps this could be a preference battle since Gambit was more of a preacher and $, well $ was just $. And that’s just it…$ brought the essence of Detroit Battle Rap to the forefront. We got angles, Jokes, stiff punches and personals and $ clearly had more punches. Gambit’s angles and personals were stronger than $ but the tricky variable about scheming and “talking” to the emcee is it often reduces the punch count. With that said…



$ edges Gambit 1-0 in a Detroit Classic.

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