BEZ vs. OT 7EVEN : Brawl in the Cave

There’s no way to describe the capacity in which Michigan Battle Rap is heating up right now. Let’s face it, the scene has changed. This is partly due to the lack of Scheme Street’s presence which we haven’t seen in quite sometime. Nevertheless, Alpha League and Bar Wars have done their due diligence and have kept the Detroit Metro, battlerap scene afloat. Moreover, KOTD’s presence has been evident in the Motor City and it’s all leading to a huge climax when KOTD presents it’s Glove Up card on October 1st. A big salute should be given to Gully who is a huge stakeholder for the Glove Up event. Now, lets talk about this battle…

This is a barfest and while the battle sits at 726 views, it has no reflection on the quality of the bout. Fans should do their research on these two competitors. They would find that these emcees have faced tough opponents like Danny Myers and Gjonaj. Enough of all that- what you really want to know is how we called this battle.

There were quite a few haymakers on both sides of this bout and I was quite impressed with OT7’s performance. It was reminiscent of the intensity he brought to Gjonaj in front of Street Star Norbes two years ago. The bottom line is it’s no easy feat to compete with Bez. In our opinion, Bez is the most consistent battle rapper in Detroit. Pound for Pound, he is the best in the Detroit Metro making this a grand matchup for 7.

But there’s levels in battle rap and it was evident that while both emcees are well above average, one emcee was clearly better. In short, Bez’s pen game was on fire, as it normally is, but his performance is what lengthened the gap between skills. I can’t say 7 didn’t have solid material- it would be incorrect to speak such a notion. However, any skilled viewer of battles should be able to see the difference in intensity once Bez took the stage. His performance was more convincing and demanded more attention than his opponent. He was able to land haymakers at a quicker ratio and was more diverse in his strategy to break his opponent down.


Great show for both competitors. Bez’s winning record continues as he clearly beats OT7 1-0.

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