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Let’s face it, Detroit Battle Rap is different. In fact, URL attempted to exploit it in their earlier years but the streets collided with business. Consequently, Battlescene hasn’t seen URL in Detroit since the infamous incident with Arsonal . Nevertheless, KOTD obviously sees the talent in Motor City emcees and it’s evident with the Glove Up, GZ card which features some of the Motor City’s best talent.

So what can we say about this matchup? First, Michael Ice is currently in the Elite 5 of Michigan Battle Rap. When we say Elite 5, we’re talking about the most relevant battlers  in the Motor City (Detroit Metro) who are, by in large, up and coming. This might ruffle a few feathers but here is my Elite 5: Times, Bez, Michael Ice, OT7EVEN and Stackboy Chuck (Honorable Mention goes to Tez).

Ice has always been a threat and he’s showed us progress every time he battles. Though I gave him an L when he faced Bez, I was reasonable enough to admit the battle was debatable. Ice’s ability to quickly punch, while inside a scheme stands out (click the previous link to see it firsthand). Beyond that, he possesses what other above average competitors should possess by default: Confidence, stage presence, clever penmanship, hay-makers, personals, angles…. and barz.

I can’t take anything away from NPose. He’s seasoned in the GZ’s and does decent numbers in views. I just think something is missing in his brand of battle rap. It’s hard for me to put my finger on it. Ahhh, wait, I’ve watched to many battles to not call it. Pose is not convincing – his issues center around performance and swag. There’s something about his presence in the ring that leaves a smell of average in the air and I think it might get exposed if he’s not careful against Ice. On the contrary, in his battle against Scandalis, you see flashes of a more aggressive N Pose (Especially in the first round) that is somewhat believable. A good battle for those unfamiliar with pose is his battle vs. Realiztic.

I think this is a battle that Pose needs. Ice is 100% convincing, meaning he’s an overall better performer than Pose. I would say the same for Ice’s penmanship. I think there is a separation of skills in this match-up. What KOTD is probably hoping to see is, can Pose bridge the gap??? I hope so, because I’d prefer to see a dogfight instead of a lopsided match-up, let alone a body. I’m not counting Pose out, I’m just saying it’s going to take every inch of skill in his body to beat an incredibly hungry Ice who has been waiting to showcase his talent on a bigger platform.


Ice clearly wins 2-1. One round will be debatable- there’s enough back and forth going on social media for a evened out round…it’s created a rivalry, but Ice will clearly take 2 rounds.

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