Bez and Times

glove up 2This might just be the best matchup on the card. I’ll leave it up to you to do the research on the gladiators but let’s get one thing straight: Times is a force to be reckoned with. In his bout against Ty Law, we saw a ferocious performer with enough barz and aggression to clearly compete with one of the culture’s fierces line for line punchers. For us, it really didn’t matter who won. We simply were pleased to see Times come full circle with a stellar performance. Let us also┬ámention Times had an excellent performance against Stackboy Chuck.

Times, out of all the competitors in Detroit, presents the most problems for Bez. Similar to Bez, Times has a presence in the ring that makes him hard to knock down. The catch is Times will have to raise the ante on his pen to beat Bez. In contrast, if Bez raises the ante on his pen, Times will have a tough time beating Bez. Bez lands haymakers consistently in every bout, but the stakes will be higher and we will definitely be looking out for gassed bars. We want to see Bez on his A+ game and Times on the same level. If this happens…welp, here comes the pregame verdict…



If both bring their best, this bout will land in our Certified Classics category. If Times can clearly beat Bez, this one will land in our EPIC category off the mere fact that Times would have stopped Bez’s “killing spree.” However, for the pregame call, we’re rolling with Bez 2-1, debatable. This might be a preference battle…

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