The Glove Up card continues to heat up with quality matchups. I’m not quite sure what happened to Gunn. Perhaps, he felt like he was running in a gerbil’s wheel. Though he made many strides on the Motor City Battlescene circuit, he didn’t seem to receive a huge return on investment. Consequently, it’s been a little over a year since we’ve seen him on  the Battlescene. Michigunn is a rapid spitter who contains a wide range of skills and this might be Pollo Creed’s biggest conflict when he takes on a Michigunn, who has a chance to make an impact on a bigger stage and thus increase his fan base. Gunn simply is more diverse in his abilities and also is more direct in his approach. In contrast, take Pollo Creed’s battle against JayRone, for example. Yes, we saw a solid Creed but we also witnessed a lot of barz that could have applied to any battlerapper.

Both emcees need a great showing to emerge into the KOTD GZ Circuit. Michigunn, because of his skill set, will probably make the bigger impact. However Creed’s cryptic style definitely has a place on KOTD’s stage.”  Tech-Master Stro

Creed, in his strategy to beat Gunn, might consider simplifying some of his lyrics so he can land sharp angles and personals that can counter Gunn’s onslaught of skills. Though Creed is one of the best lyricist in Michigan Battle Rap’s circuit, he can become susceptible to what we call “The Trap of Lyricism.” Spoken eloquently by Battlescene’s Battle Rap Expert, Tech Master Stro:

“We all love the lyrical emcee, but sometimes lyricism gets in the way of the battle rapper.  It often times causes one to forget to punch.  What would sound magnificent in a cypher doesn’t hit as well in a battle.  Good cypher bars should be used for setups that lead to the overall punch (punchline) and should not encompass the majority of your rounds.” Tech-Master Stro 

If Pollo falls victim to the Trap of Lyricism…it could be a long night for him. The question becomes, can Pollo land consistent haymakers, and consistently deflect Gunn’s angles/personals over the course of three rounds? With that said…let’s get to the …

PREGAME VERDICT: This battle will probably make our Barz on Deck Category. Gunn edges each round in a debatable 3-0.



  1. I must say that this prediction is well written and contains many valid points, but I disagree. I do believe that Gunn is a consistent emcee who will give you dope hay-makers each round. He’s going to bring that intense aggression and machine gun like flow in hopes of overwhelming his opponent with a barrage of bars in hopes they hit. Some will, some won’t. If that is his approach, then he’s doing the right thing. He’s comfortable in that element and on a stage that could propel you to the next level, you want to be able to perform at your best. We’re going to get a lot of gun bars and schemes with comedic bars intermingled throughout. But at his core, Michigunn is a “gangsta” battle rap emcee. I argue this could play against him. Think about the stage we’re talking about. KOTD is known for its respect of the “more than gun-bars” variant of battle rap. Truth be told it seems like they respect a decrease in that type of material.

    Pollo Creed is a mix of Tupac and Canibus, a street poet on some other ish. His material is too cryptic at times and we have seen this play against him. But let us not forget we all listen to battle rap for different reasons. On most stages Creed has been on, straight forward “hit em across the head” bars have been what his fans have been looking for. Dope bars, gun bars, over the head bars and recycled bars for that matter; however, KOTD is different. They’re listening for something more. Yeah, the dope life sounds good to them but they can’t and don’t want to relate. Listening to someone deliver a near flawless soliloquy with the lyrical cadence of a true word-smith is worth more to them than any “real-life” bar they’ve ever heard. That might be the difference between URL and KOTD.

    KOTD marvels at the likes of Dizaster, 100 bullets, Psycosis and others. Because of this, I believe Pollo Creed will fit right in and possibly have an advantage.

    My Prediction: Pollo Creed 2-1, rounds two and three. I predict Gunn will start strong and lose steam.

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