Glove Up Pregame: Hemi Vs. Klax Green

Klax Green Vs. Hemi

Klax is defined by the Urban Dictionary as, so bad as to cause pain in anything that is witness to the horribleness.  It’s a fitting name for an emcee with more than his fair share of talent.  What stands out the most to me about Klax, is his word-play.  From everything I’ve seen, his rounds are put together in a very efficient manner; That is to say he’s giving high end material to the fans, that is just short of being ‘over the head’.  Anyone who can do this has the capacity to make any battle competitive.  Being close to home is an advantage that must be talked about.  He will definitely be more comfortable than usual and his support base will be staunch.  This could possibly provide more energy to each of his rounds.  Be prepared to see a top notch Klax for two reasons: One, he won’t sleep on Hemi because Detroit is no stranger to Louisiana battle rap, and two,  this could be an opportunity to catch the eye of KOTD, as this is his second GZ.

With so much said about Klax, one might wonder if his opponent even stands a chance.  Let me assure that this couldn’t be further from the truth.  If anyone can match or surpass the word-play of Klax, it would be Hemi.  We’ve seen him walk away with the victory against one of the best word-smith’s in the game, HA-Double.  Hemi has battled more recently than Klax and may be more ‘battle ready’.  Also, I think it’s fair to say that Hemi has faced tougher talent overall throughout his battle rap career.

It’s hard to say which Hemi we will get this bout.  As of late he seems to be trying to get away from the straight punch style he used against Gutta.  I think it’s good that he sees the importance of versatility.  But this battle may call for a “shooter” approach, which means he’ll benefit greatly if he brings straight punchlines and word-play.  He’ll receive the same type of approach from Klax. One must be careful not to lose a battle because his opponent got more material in.

This is a tough battle to predict.  It would be easy to say that Klax is going to come in and steam roll through each round to win essentially by points.  Or that Hemi is going to find a way to undermine Green’s credibility and connect with the crowd, taking rounds two and three.  My head tells me Klax Green, but something in my gut is telling me that we’re going to see a Hemi we haven’t seen before.  Ironically enough,  I do believe he will connect with the crowd early and walk away with the victory.  Alternatively, if he struggles with crowd connection, he will most certainly be in for a long night.


Hemi 2-1 – rounds one and three.

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