The Glove Up Pregame: Anubis Vs Lexx Luthor

Lexx Luthor Vs Anubis

This match-up is a great example of why it doesn’t take big names to create a great battle.  It takes great battlers and a culmination of other things to create an  epic clash.  Both of these emcees meet that criteria, so I’m excited about this face off.  It’s a pivotal battle for both, and one I think could either be a jump start to a stalled career, or the last time we see either one of these emcees.

Anubis has had many opportunities to move to the next level, but none have seemed to work out.  He’s got great potential because his material is so strong.  Quality penmanship is his strong point, but he struggles with making it hit.  Some confuse this with him not being convincing.  That’s not an issue at all really.  We all like what we hear, but truth be told, we don’t want to believe everything said by an emcee… That would be tragic. 

He doesn’t have to be believable against an opponent like Luthor, he has to be moving.  He must move the crowd and execute a high energy round, utilizing a rapid aggressio,n fused cadence.  The best example of this would be his battle against Sno.  If he shows up in that form it could be a long night for Lexx.

But let us not sleep on Lexx Luthor.  I like his style.  The tight knit schemes, the bunched up punchlines and his ability to clown his opponent are uncanny.  He’s also a seasoned vet.  Having faced the likes of Jay Rell, N Pose, Merrick City, Johnny Storm and Brixx Belvy should clear up any confusion about his place in battle rap.  He’s here to stay, but will he be able to escape the plateau he seems to be stuck on?

In terms of battle rap he’s the total package and a difficult emcee to beat.  He’s going to have some heavy hitters every round, which means he’s inevitably going to take one.  His only weakness this battle would be to underestimate Anubis and not take him serious.  If he doesn’t prepare properly he could find himself on the losing side of a battle.  We’ll be looking for Lexx to perform on the level of his battle with Brixx, if he wants to be competitive.

This is a tough battle to call.  I think Anubis is going to show up and show out, because he has more to lose.  If Luthor loses this battle, it will have to be to an exemplary Anubis, and that will be an acceptable loss.  If Anubis loses in Michigan on a KOTD stage after not quite making it on URL, I’m not sure he’s going to be able to keep the interest of the fans.


Anubis 2-1, rounds one and two.

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  1. I got Anubis winning too. Anubis comes more bar heavy and his bars hit harder. Lexx always had talent but has a tendency to not set his bars up to hit hard enough to really do damage.

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