The Glove Up Pregame: Sno Vs MegaDef

Sno vs MegaDef

This is perhaps one of the most difficult battles to call, on the card.  I say this because we haven’t seen the Sno-man for a while now.  It presents more of a challenge to predict a battle when you haven’t seen an emcee battle in the recent past.  This may be nullified by the consistency Sno once relied so heavily upon, but we won’t know that until the battle.

Sno has impeccable writing skills and is a wizard with the pen.  He weaves aggression and passion inside of his bars, that creates a realism to be marveled at.  His skill set centers on a foundation of solid bars comprised of schemes, multi’s, and wordplay.  He’ll be bringing the entire gauntlet and will most likely be very prepared.  He must be.  This is a pivotal moment for the Pontiac vet because it allows him to prove to the culture that he is still a viable threat.  Ideally the battle should move him away from the past, and into whatever future he sees fit for himself now.

But what of MegaDef?  Is he going to fall easy prey to the “Abominable” Sno-Man?  On paper and without proper research, one might jump to that conclusion.  MegaDef is high energy, and able to exude the same amount of aggression that we’re likely to see with Sno.  He’s also going to bring a lot of material to the table and three full rounds.  Preparation is going to be key for him.  This is an opportunity for him to knock off a juggernaut of the Michigan battle scene.  MegaDef can win if he can if he keeps his punch-lines tight.  Scrutinizing each bar to minimize filler is of the utmost importance.  His first round against Lexx Luthor is a pefect example of this.  Also, organization may help him bring his rounds together.  Putting name flips together, then moving on to schemes, followed up with “real life bars” is a simple way to put a template of an effective round together.

MegaDef is dope, but Sno is somewhat of a wounded animal at this point.  He’s been in hibernation and I believe he’s hungry.  With that said, I think his hunger will  put to rest any doubts remaining about his place in battle rap.  MegaDef is hungry too.  I know it.  You can see it in every battle he’s in.  I don’t think it will be enough to overcome Sno in this bout.


Without proper round structure and solid angles it could be a long night for MegDef; possible 3-0 for Sno.  I’m worried about a highly critical Detroit based crowd, that might not lend energy to the west coast based MegaDef.  However, this is all contingent upon Sno showing up, in “classic” Sno fashion.  If he’s unprepared, and has not taken MegDef seriously, he could be in for a surprise defeat.  I do think that’s unlikely.

2 Responses to “The Glove Up Pregame: Sno Vs MegaDef”

  1. Lol fuck out of here. U r dumb as fuck.

    Mega gonna cook.

    Who gave u this platform to be so unseasoned.

    U need a long nap weirdo.

  2. These prediction blogs are so corny. Always scared to make a prediction. Ya’ll basically just describe each battler inaccurately, then say “this battle will be good and whoever is more prepared will win” so you can never be wrong. Fuckin losers, why even write a blog then? Do some research or something first. This article sucks btw

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