XCEL vs. LOSO: Another Holy War

This Islamic vs. Christianity faceoff might be one of the most religiously charged bouts Battlescene has ever seen.

In the last year, we’ve seen a rise of Christian battle rappers. Perhaps Saga was the first to capture our attention but since then, we’ve seen A. Ward and now Loso. Loso is just as dangerous as A. Ward. They both have riveting performances and center their material on the ability to drop moneyball barz that immediately shake the room. Couple that with sharp angles that often center on religion, but are inherently clever, Christian battle rappers are proving that they can compete at the higher levels of battle rap.

In contrast, Xcel has been finding ways to keep his name relevant. He got some help from KOTD, Don’t Flop, and here is another example of his talents being able to forge another quality battle. Let it be known that Xcel has been cited to have issues with opponents that are quick to the punch. This was evident against Danny Myers and A Class. Xcel has always maintained a clever pen but at times he needs more setup time to land his punches. The danger in that approach is if the setups aren’t well placed, it can become lackluster and thus deemed filler. In this bout, we saw the opposite. It’s evident that Xcel was able to stand toe to toe with a sharp Loso in the first but Loso’s attack  on Xcel’s religion and the fact that Xcel’s stock has dropped might have made the difference in what would be a very close round.

Xcel would fight back and start the second with a brut attack on Loso’s religious position in the ring. It’s an attack that had to happen but it was well written. Ultimately the clash of the second round was religious base. If you didn’t know, 5 percenters’ faith centers on man, specifically black men, being God. Ultimately, it’s an unorthodox form of Islam that’s definitely worth the read for those interested. You might not have known that you’ve been exposed to their theology when you listened to the Wu-Tang Clan.

“Think Adam and Eve, cuz when you see me come to buck you….son go need a cane (Cain) after the first f Ψcking couple!!!!!” Xcel Moneyball Bar

But Loso was also phenomenal in the second and began to stand out as the better performer. At times Xcel let the crowd react too long, and he found himself having to run his barz back from the top. Loso was consistently able to land haymakers, allow the crowd to react, and continue to push through his next line. And while Xcel would attack Loso’s gun barz, Loso’s imaginary gun barz scheme was potent and allowed him to shake up the room several times. In short, Xcel’s attack on him using gun barz was muffled when Loso was still able to use gun barz successfully.

“He’s a religious dude, he ain’t never felt the gat- plus a five percenter’s highest goal is to obtain peace (Click-Clack)- WELL I CAN HELP WITH THAT! Loso Money Ball Bar

The third round was yet another religious attack by Xcel. It had it’s bright moments but filler became the problem for Xcel in the third. He had a solid message but rarely attacked his opponent. If Loso  countered his religious attack and still attacked Xcel, Loso would take the third…and that’s exactly what happened.


Loso edges the first, takes the second and clearly wins the third.  Loso wins in a debatable 3-0 (round 1 is debatable) which just fell short of our Certified Classic category.

Side Bar: Bullpen Battle League is on fire right now. Shout  out to JJTD!


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