New Orleans has a sleeper battle out there that I’ve been meaning to bring to the attention of anyone unaware.  A number of battles from this card have been released and from the looks of it, it was a successful event.  4KUS Vs. Sire was one of the premier match-ups on the card.  4KUS has the ability to make any battle entertaining because it’s fun to watch him beat up on his opponent.  The variable in this battle for me, was Sire.  I knew he would “show up”, because all Louisiana battlers “show up” when they battle close to home (virtually anywhere in the south);  I didn’t know if he had the ability to deliver dope content at the consistency we’ve come to expect from 4KUS.

It’s a close battle without a doubt.  There should be no doubts remaining about Sire’s ability to compete with 4KUS in regards to any aspect of battle rap.  This is due in part to the excellent performance on behalf of 4KUS.  4KUS’ presence on stage is of major impact and the bars are completely on point.  There is really not much to critique when talking about 4KUS.  That doesn’t mean he can’t be beat.

Sire’s performance in this battle is perhaps one of the best of his battle rap career.  He went bar for bar with 4KUS without breaking a sweat.  The material was just a bit more crowd moving, and his crowd control was better than 4KUS this battle.  Even though 4KUS had great reactions, he allowed the crowd to get in the away at times.  What stands out to me, is that Sire outmatched 4KUS’ performance.  Even though 4KUS has perfect performance, it seems like he has to get into character to make it work.  Sire’s performance was better because it was more natural, which made it more authentic.


1-0 SIRE.


  1. Great! I am so excited to get a glimpse into the wisdom of the wizened! It's the cherry on the sundae, because frankly, so often these photos leave me wanting more info about the amazing people you phaotgroph! Thank you Ari!

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