This is another premier match-up of the Top Tier 2 event presented by NOBL.  Before I get into the battle I want to stress what I’ve learned from this event.  NOBL truly has the capacity to be the premier league of the south, particularly the southwest.  They have a wealth of talent and a knack for creating interesting battles without the need to pull in talent from outside.  That is saying a lot.  We see quite a few leagues hire a big name and then fill the card with wack battles because they can’t afford to pay anyone else.  So it’s dope to see homegrown talent flourishing.

As for this battle, we have another close one;  It’s debatable but we’re all about calling battles, so let’s get to it.

Everything about this battle was even to me, except round execution.  We got the same quality, the same energy, the same crowd control and the same feel.  Both of these guys were in their element and completely comfortable on stage.  We got solid rounds from both emcees as well.  It seems to me that B’Eric was able to finish his round in a stronger fashion than Riley.  This can be attributed to a difference in round execution.  Riley starts off really strong, but the end of his round doesn’t hit as hard as the beginning of his round.  B’Eric on the other hand, built momentum throughout his round, which made the latter portion of it stronger than the beginning.  In a one-off, this can make all the difference.


B’Eric, 1-0.


  1. B’Eric was the better performer and he had the stronger bar. His opponent could have great word play but he did sound convincing. It some as though B’Eric had longer time rap. However Riley ended his rap abruptly as though he climbed in the casket, shut the door and locked from the inside.

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