TECH 9 VS JERRY WESS | Let’s Get To That ! |

While I must admit this wasn’t the most impressive battle, it was decent enough to keep my attention for three rounds.  Performance and lyrical content were the key factor to keeping this battle interesting.  Oddly enough we didn’t get a heavy dose of each from both emcees.  Rather, we got a heavy performance from Tech 9 and premium lyrical content from Jerry Wess.

Tech 9 is known for his performance and this was his weapon of choice the entire battle.  It worked well for him in the first, which allowed him to edge out Wess just slightly.  The crowd control, confidence and a couple of hay-makers made for quite an introduction for 9 this battle.  The end of his first had me very ready to hear his following rounds.  Unfortunately they weren’t as potent as his first round.  There was a clear decline in the quality of content starting in round two and getting worst in the third.  The Nickelodeon bar deflated any remaining possibility of salvaging the third and quite honestly left me wondering, “What the Hell?”.

Jerry Wess did everything right, except take the first round.  He may have been caught off guard by the surprisingly strong first round performance that Tech delivered.  After the first though, there is really no comparison.  Performance alone can only take one so far.  Jerry was more impressive with each passing round.  While each round was decreasing in potency for Tech 9, Jerry Wess was displaying more creativity and complexity in his material.  He was able to take rounds two and three without breaking much of a sweat.


Jerry Wess 2-1, taking rounds two and three.

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