This is the kind of battle that commands respect because we are able to see battle rap’s diversity in other regions like Louisiana and Seattle. Overall, we get a C+ battle with an incredible third round from Newton. How ironic is it that HA’s hype man was his demise in the third? And in the same sense, we’re able to clearly see the power of rebuttals. Newton easily capitalized on Hemi’s (HA’s hype man) over the top responses to his comrades barz. The catch is Newton’s third was his best round and the rebuttals were merely the icing on the cake. Meanwhile, HA had a rough stumble in the third but stayed vigilant, picked his barz up and finished his round. This is an improvement for him because we’ve seen him lose rounds off chokes before. With all that said, we were pleased to see HA make adjustments to his style but still remain a wordsmith. Newton’s first two rounds of material had highlights but just wasn’t as consistent as HA. You can smell The Verdict coming can’t you?


HA DOUBLE wins this bout 2-1 taking rounds 1 & 2.  In addition, Hemi got bodied in the third.

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